So yeah..Yesterday/this morning i had a dream i was able to remember. Just wondering if anyone can give me insight on whether it means anything or not. So...

It starts in english. The girl is in my class (in real life isn't so i'm guessing transfered in or something for this) and along with 2 other students is handing out tests. I was thinking that she was gonna be the one to give me my test back, but she didn't. I don't think mine ever was actually...Then i'm in art with her at my table. She puts her had out, palm up and open. I put my hand on hers and then she closes/holds my hand. I look to her eyes and then down to the table. Then I look back up to her.

I can guess what it means, but dreams can also just be something you want to happen, so i'm not sure.Thanks for taking the time to read/answer if you do. all answers appreciated

if needed i can put some kind of background i guess
im 15btw