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    How To Build And Promote A School Gossip Website (Hear Me Out..) ?

    I know this sounds bad, but I am a very gossip-y person. I am always the first to find out about things, even if I have to beg to get the details. I've always been like that. It's practically in my blood. Most of my friends are like that too, so a few of us were thinking of building a site/blog we'd add to daily. Now I am not dumb, trust me. I am actually part of the head of our class. Just a few months ago two unidentified girls at our school started an online "burn book". It lasted three days before they shut down (they were not forced). The reason for it is that they were writing stuff about people being wh*res and wearing padded bras and crap. I'm not like that at all. I make sure to get permission from people before I say anything, I don't start rumors, and I'm definitely not mean. It would mostly just be about new couples, parties, etc. Now that I've made this clear, how should we go about this ?

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    Ok, so first you want to find a good web host. I recomend yola because they offer free websites without ads. Google Sites is a ok alternative. Next, afer customizing your site, find a forum page for your site. One solution is Tal-Ki embeded fourms, these however have a major security gap and provide the names of the user unless changed. If you want a annonomus service, use SparkBB. This is a great solution, however you have to go onto a waiting list for months untill you get it, so I recomend you plan to releace this website about 1 and a 1/2 years. Trust me, you will have alot of things to do during that time. Next, you have to have a email for your gossip site. This has to be different from your regular and can't contain your name at all because if you do the site can be easily traced back to you. This is a time to bring it into view that if this site reaches the teachers or parents, you might be facing alot of troble. Now you have to find entertament for the side of your fourms. When I entertament I mean a chatroom or a MP3 Player. I would recomend Meebo, however your users will need to be 13 years of age to use it. I can't go into more detail about that, like hosting the files and customizing it for your site, but if you want you can email me for help. Once your done, publish your site. Keep in mind that your site will have a subdomain. A example of a subdomain would be "" or "". If you want a shorter domain, then use the free service They are a URL renaming system. You can turn to

    Remember to limit the amount of friends on the site. If the site gets to a parent or school offical you might be in trouble or the site will be disabled from school computers.

    Keep the gossip clean.

    If you need help, just email me! I will be glad to help!

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    In order to create a website initially you have to get a domain name along with can get both from ..You'll also find that you can get special deals by bundling your domain name with your hosting .i.e you will get a free web builder from which You can choose any themes,templates,images that are suitable for your site .This could be an easier way to design a website.

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