We were listening to Sweden's own Hellacopters earlier, who aren't really a heavy metal act per se, but their founder, Nicke, was the drummer for death-metal act Entombed, whose second record is really the only example of the genre that we ever got particularly into. However, this Swedish metalhead's dedication to non-false metal has gone much, much farther beyond a common rock 'n' roll addiction. In fact, he has been given government disability insurance, allowed a flexible schedule to get his metal on, and now this: Roger Tullgren of Hässelholm, Sweden, you win Jalopnik's Heavy Metal (Volvo) Amazon award. We hope the Swedish government sees fit to honor our request to outfit you with a gloss-black, choptop vintage Volvo with the Venom logo airbrushed carefully onto the hood and license plate frame reading "Vaya Con Satan." – Davey G. Johnson
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