A mage guildie of mine has been suggesting for some time now that mages should have the ability to port themselves and others to any town that their specific faction can visit. He said that mages should just be able to click a button and a drop down menu of the towns will appear you can port yourself and your friends to ay town you please whether it be Booty Bay, Tarren Mill/Southshore or even Thrallmar/Honor Hold.
While this suggestion is terribly overpowered (I’m a mage and I very much admit that it is), could it be that us mages can have another place to port to added to our spells? It seems that it’s possible.
MMO Champion reports that 2 portal spells might very well be added to the game. If this speculation is indeed found to be true, then mages will be able to port to Stonard for the horde and Theramore for the alliance. This would be really nice for horde mages who still raid Karazhan since Stonard is the nearest horde city near Deadwind Pass. One port and you are just a ride away!
Of course, it’s still strange that those two cities are chosen for portals since major cities are the only places you can port to right now. We’ll just have to see.
image taken from MMO Champion
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