So after all that high end craftsmanship and attention to detail, we're assuming you need the equivalent of a unicorn chaser. We thought what better to rid you of the perfection of the main show floor and the primed and polished perfection of the Great 8 than with the 1986 ViperVette. That's right, it's the guts of a 1986 C3 Corvette with the approximate body of a first gen RT/10 Dodge Viper overlaid. Take a wild guess at how we picked it out.

vetteper 6
The first clue are those wheels, they stick out like an oh so sore thumb. Actually, half the problem is they don't stick out at all, they're practically lost in those wheel wells. Second and perhaps most impressive is the virtually intact digital dashboard so missed in modern vehicles. We almost thought that interior was certifiable there for a moment. We could go on and on about the specatacularness of the conversion, but we think we'll let the car speak for itself in the letter to the viewer that's posted in the gallery. Ah downstairs, the perfect mouthwash for the Ridler nominees.

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