It seems fitting that the hippest tech toy on the market at the moment and the game touted as the most complex, innovative title in years get together. Think of it as an agglomeration of trendy, or a powerhouse consumer electronics union that will eventually enslave humanity…
What the hell am I talking about? Apple’s iPhone and Will Wright’s Spore naturally. EA plans on having Spore released for the iPhone at the same times as the September release for other gaming systems.
EA’s Travis Boatman gave a demo of the sim last week, demonstrating the iPhone’s ability to play the complete game, including cutscenes. The company is also working on other titles for the iPhone, but no word on what those might be quite yet.
Check out the demo:

</p>Is it just me, or is EA being awfully Mac friendly lately? Not that I’m complaining, it’s nice to see!
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