Aston Martin has sped through numerous owners in its 106-year history. Now it might be picking up one more. Shares in the luxury car brand jumped over 15% Thursday (December 5). That on reports Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll wants to take a big stake - maybe a controlling stake - in the British brand. Autocar magazine says Stroll is part of a bidding consortium. He already owns the Racing Point Formula One team, among whose drivers is his son, Lance Stroll. The team could reportedly be renamed Aston Martin if the deal goes through. Stroll Snr made his money through investments in fashion brands Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. Any big injection of cash would probably be welcomed by Aston Martin. Its shares have slumped since an IPO last year. Sales too have missed estimates. Now its hopes are pinned a new SUV, a first for the brand. The DBX was launched last month. Aston Martin and Racing Point haven't commented on reports of the new deal.