This morning I woke up to my room mate texting me that someone was taking pictures of my car out front on our street. I went out there and sat on the stoop and they walked away. THEN he tells me they were taking pictures of my plate so I went back out to find them and I could not. I can't think of ANY reason why someone would take pictures of my license plates. I was parked legally in front of my house and I couldn't find any hint of damage of say them hitting my car or something. What type of job or situation or, anything, would have people going out of their way to take pictures of my plates?

How could I have done something if I was sleeping? However I have ONE theory. There is damage to my back bumper from when somebody rear ended me recently. I have already processed the claim and the check is on my way. I am wondering if these people had someone do a hit and run and were driving around town looking for cars with damage on them? That is the ONLY thing I can think of.