Well my crush and I have many mutual friends and have a bunch in common but I just can't seem to decipher her body language (I'm a bit of an expert on it)
for awhile she has been a bit weird around me, not in a bad way but not a great way either
We used to be friends and occasionally we talk and whenever I ask her a hypothetical question , jsut to start a convo, she says soemthing liek "I don't know" or "I don't think about stuff liek that" Not perverted stuff jsut really observatory stuff liek about a book or something...
And for some weird reason after a girl noticed I had a bandage on my leg and asked if I shaved my legs everyone was askin stuff about it, I'm a guy and wear shorts often ,not those short shorts that show off alot of skin that girls wear, but Ones that go down to around my knees

I only shave my lower leg but the girl I liek instead of asking me directly she asked a mutual friend of ours to ask me, weird right?
Im only afraid of hurting her and nothing more