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    Do not let religion rule your life he likes someone so deal. But in your bed that is to far i think siting down and talking not hitting will help (ps: I am not a person of religion i don't have one don't want one so i think it is stupid to restrict him because the bible said so

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    Liberal views? Wow. Just love your son because you can loose him forever and you will regret it when he's gone.

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    I agree, hitting your son is totally unacceptable, regardless of what he's done. He
    isn't just a puppet and you should respect him. However, he was fucking someone
    in your bed - a little permission goes a long way. Despite this though,I think you
    should apologise to your son - he will be hurt both mentally and physically. Respect
    the fact that he has chosen what he wants. He is his own being and decisions are
    his to make. Stop wasting your fuck hitting him and talk to him about it instead.

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    Lady, never hit your son. Your job as a parent is to point him to chriat and Jesus never struck a sinner. So you have failed in your biblical duty. As for him being gay, let him sort it out. I use to be gay and am not any longer and I assure you it wasn't being beaten that made the desires go away. If anything, you have permanently pushed him away fool.

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    Hitting your son? not very ''Catholic'' of you isn't it? maybe you should forget about your bullshitty religion stuff and actually talk to him about his feelings god dammit. This is why i'm atheist.

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    Wtf u crazy psycho!!

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    How could you hit your kid for being gay. Even if you are catholic you should be loving and understanding. You should try and talk with him not traumatise him and make him scare of being himself, you are a stupid peice of shit. You live in such a conservative ignorant way following a book written by a bunch of stupid fucks that had nothing better to do 2000 years ago. Abusing your son is one thing, but attacking him for being who he is? He can't help it and no amount of church and bible class is going to change that. The sooner you learn god isn't real the better.

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    Hey bitch being gay is not a fucking satanic ritual it someone who has love for a human being who happens to be male like 1 spank is fine because it was in your room but multiple hit is unspeakable just because a book written by many many many different people with verses with hidden meaning keep in mind some of these people may have been gay (oh no did I run your bullshit religion here my ass come beat the shot out of me because I'm different your son should be taken away from your you CUNT a given to a family who loves there kid and there chioces my first gay experience was when I was 5 and laid dormant from there now I'm 17 and out bisexual but I still like men over demons oops uh I mean men @2$;&/?49: I am Saran your overlord and all those who love men worship me ahahahahahah haha jk no homosexuality is not a act of stataniam fuck this woman pisses me off mabey I should just adopt your son get him into a life he deserves and one last think fuck you you whore 80000000D

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    Satan? Wow. So, would you high-five him if he was with the cum-guzzling cheerleader who took part of being in a train by the entire football team? Would you not be so disgusted if it was a $5 hooker with mouth sores? How about getting a blow-job from a soccer mom? Cool, huh?

    Granted, no one should have to witness their child in a sexual situation but the poster made this about his orientation. The fact that he disrespected their home by having sex with whomever should be the issue.

    So sorry your kid's a fag. Get over it. Be a good Catholic and come to terms with it ... Or don't. I don't believe he will burn in hell for being the way God made him but I bet you will for embracing intolerance and hatred.

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    Alexander Yevtushenkov
    Hey extremist you fucking bitch you do not hit your son just because you want him to be a good catholic you extremist son of a bitch. Abusive mother fucker!! I'm not gay but that is wrong to abuse your child over his sexuality. I hope you go to hell with Hillary Clinton!!! Hag son of a bitch. Jesus forgives all. Why the FUCK DO YOU THINK HE DIED ON THE CROSS YOU IDIOT. STOP BEING AN EXTREMIST LIKE AL QUAEDA AND ISIS BITCH

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