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    is explains

    Mexican girls stink in every area . They lack common sense and brains . That is why a Mexican girl would not be compatible with an Asian guy .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Mexican girls stink in every area . They lack common sense and brains . That is why a Mexican girl would not be compatible with an Asian guy .
    dude you are so racist. how can you judge an entire race based by your own experience

    im a latina and i think asians are so cute. in the contrary, i think asians dont like latians. i have the BIGGEST crush on an asian guy from my class. i just think that there is like this cultural difference that creates this "wall" that prevents hispanics and asians from getting together. but i say fu** it, race doesnt matter for me.

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    Heart New

    i agree with some of the comments i too like mexican girls alot!!!!!!!reason..well they're H-O-T ...but i dont agree with two comment ..let me just tell u thiz my girlfriend is mexican and she's not a cheater!!!!!!

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    I think the biggest thing for me is the culture clash.

    I'm asian american and I think latina and asian relationships work differently in different parts of the USA. I grew up in the midwest but now living in LA. The reason why a latina and asian relationship would work in the midwest is because everyone is trying to be more american. Everyone has a cultural connection with each other. Interracial friendships are common in the midwest as well.

    When you consider So Cal or the LA area. People tend to stick with their own race. The reason for that is because they can be asian and not be an outcast like they would be if you lived in the midwest. Because there is a lot of asians to support the culture. If I dated a latina when all my friends were asian, then its kinda weird. I have seen it before but generally asians usually stick with asians and do asian things.

    Do asian guys like mexican girls? Depends on the guy I guess, I think mexican girls are pretty but that doesnt necessarily mean that I would date one.

    I think you would have more of a chance of dating a asian guy if he was americanized and so were you.

    This is my opinion not every asian guys opinion so keep that in mind. thanks

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    I'm Asian and my girlfriend is Mexican.

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    Im Mexican and i like this asian guy so bad... but too bad we are both too shy... and we are both married hahahaha lol yeah thats not gonna work!!

  7. #17
    I'm a mexican female and i find asian guys extremely cute. Obviously it depends on the guy some asian men may like latina's and some may not. But to be honest sometimes i lose hope that a cute asian boy will ever like me. THey never take a second glance and the one korean boy i thought was cute ended up dating some chinese girl in my grade and they're both pretty americanized. Sigh~ I truly believe that differences in cultures should not keep people from being together because the blending of cultures can be a very beautiful thing.

  8. #18
    I am Chinese Asian and I have been having a huge crush on a Mexican girl who works in a Chinese food court. I am too shy to even say hi to her and trust me... I sooooo wanted to say hi and get to know her! But every time I have a chance I just froze up... hate myself for that... I think certain Asian guys are particularly attracted to Mexican or other Latinas especially the shy ones like myself. Many Mexican girls seems to be very down to earth and loyal and hard working where I seldomly find among the Chinese girls nowadays. Due to our cultural misunderstanding, yes a lot of Asian guys do think white girls are not interested in Asian guys and it makes it even harder for the shy ones to make a move. I mean its not like every guy from every culture are attracted to Asian girls..... So, to all the Mexican or non Asian girls out there who are attracted to Asian guys, go out there and break the ice! It is worth it! Oh... and one small tips is that try to find out if the Asian guy you are interested in speaks good English because a lot of them who don't speak good enough English will never have the guts to approach you just because they think they will suck trying open up a conversation and not because they are not interested. Hope this help and good luck!

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    Star Blue Hmmm..

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Hey whats going on! i saw this forum and wanted to put my insight. Im chinese and lived in LA all my life. To be honest i grew up liking just asian girls, but as time progressed i started to find so muchh attraction towards mexican girls. I mean i like how they carry themselves, their personality, and their looks. These aspects just is such a big turn on for me; however, i agree with one of the comments posted a while ago. It seems like mexican girls show no attention towards asian guys. I understand how asian parents are towards the significant individual should be for their child. But, i mean we're all in America and we come across different cultures and morals. So, I respect all races and cultures, and i'm willing to give any culture a chance. To be honest, everytime i look at a mexican girl, she shows no attention at all. I mean is it a front where you have to pursue harder or is it just a stone cold "no" answer. I just get really confused each time im presented by this display. Can I please get a response on how to view this issue. Thank you.
    Ha I have a late reply to this x3
    Well, I'm a Mexican girl myself and I LOVEEEEE Asian guys xP
    But of course it's that vicious cycle in which we're all in which asian guys believe we dont pay much attention to them and what i believe which is asian guys are only attracted to their own race. All the asian guys i've encountered don't show much interest in other races. I dont know why but it really sucks cause i believe that being open minded when it comes to dating other races rather than your own is the way to go xP

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    Star Blue

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Mexican girls stink in every area . They lack common sense and brains . That is why a Mexican girl would not be compatible with an Asian guy .
    That's a bunch of bull shit.

    First of all, I'm a mexican girl and I'm NOT stupid nor do i lack brains. I've always been at the top of my class and this year I will graduate with honors.
    I don't know what you went through but boy do i feel sorry for you.

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