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    more than your boobs, he'll be attracted to your vagina........ you're 21....... fully matured girl with 6 inches of vagina...... he's 15..... may be just 4 inches of cock...... just think of the situation......

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    Star Blue Good boy

    Ok, i see some weird answers here about brother sister sex.such thing happened with me and i did not think of sex.

    i am a guy and i was about 16 and my sis was 18, we have 2 bathrooms connected to each other from a height window so that 2 people bathing in separate room can talk to each other but cannot see each other.

    that day mom and dad was out and me and sis played basketball so decided to take a shower afterwards. Then we got in separate bathrooms, undressed and began showering.

    We could here each other voices so we were talking about new movies and all.
    Then something happened, the soap slipped from my hand and i was mistaken to step on it. i fell so hard that my back banged on floor and my head on the tap.
    Sis heard that and shouted "are you OK!", i was in a kind of shock because my head was bleeding so did not respond to her voice.

    That that happened, my sis was worried about me and came out off bath naked and started banging my door "Tim, are you OK", "Answer me Tim".

    I could hear see was crying while shouting.I tried to stand and open the door but then i felt that i could not move my lower body.Then she took out some tools ,broke the lock and came in.She found me lying naked on bathroom floor and blood over head.

    Then she did a bold job,she lifted me in her arms,put me in car's back seat, covered my bottom with a car washing clothe and drove to nearest hospital. People were staring at her because she was naked all the way to hospital.

    guys think !!! she covered my privates but didn't worried about hers at that time.

    At the hospital she waited there(still naked) till doctor came out of operation theater after 1/2 an hour.
    Doctor said that she really did a great job and told her that till the time you are here you have a towel but she said first,she want to see me and doc allowed.

    I was lying on the bed with bandages over my head my waist andwas not allowed to move, she came in naked and said thank god you are OK.

    i smiled and teased her saying "you are naked", she said it doesn't matter and bend and kissed me and i hugged her.

    That was the happiest moment of my life where i got to know she loved me so much that she didn't even thought thought about herself.
    After i was discharged from hospital i was said to take care for 3 months and that three months every morning we had strange bath.
    on the first day she removed my clothes and i said i am feeling shy she said wait and she got naked too.
    i asked WHY!!!??
    she said "i could get naked in front of you but and i am not shy and you should not be too"
    i know she was feeling shy with her face but she did that for me.
    then she washed and then herself while i was at the side of tub and then drying and dressing together.
    she were my hand and legs for 3 months because i could not move and she was with me 24x7 to help me
    even for peeing i had to call her to pee, she took me i supporting by her hand and took my penis out with other hand.

    now this happened for 3 months, and i this 3 months we didn't fantasies about each other nor i thought of sex.
    then after my hands and legs began responding and i am well now.
    if she would have worried about her clothes that day, i would not be writing this answer here, i am the luckiest brother in the world.

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    Well if your brother or someone else accidentally saw your naked form..there shouldn't be any regret. Things like that is common to most others, your embarrassment is obvious but yes it does brings a thrill to the mind which I guess you can't deny. If you are comfortable with your body you shouldn't even bother it.

    On the other hand teenager boys are often curious and fetish about female bodies. If you happen to be his first real sight experience..then he definitely have got much turned on then you could think of. Just laugh at this funny incident and move on with your life.

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    When I was 15 year old I was once masturbating in the bathroom when my sister accidentally stepped in and saw my penis in my was weird and embarrassing for me..though she was shocked...the event quickly fade away and we never had a discussion on that later....sometimes it happens...accept it and then quickly forget it. Don't take this thing much seriously

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    walk in to is room naked an start masturbating

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