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  1. When is the fishing season start right now or later?

    I live in Brampton, Ontario Canada. I love to fish for bass, walleye, musky, pike catfish etc and I'm wondering when the fishing season start? I usually fish around in GTA and if you have hot spots...
  2. Verizon cell phone with SIM card use in Thailand?

    I am going to Thailand to stay for a while. I want to know if I buy a Verizon cell phone here in the USA that can use a SIM card if I can buy a SIM card in Thailand, install it in the phone, and the...
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    First check your fuses. After that I dont know.

    First check your fuses. After that I dont know.
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    just join mma if thats what you want to do,, it...

    just join mma if thats what you want to do,, it would be great if you could do extra kickboxing and takedowns on the side. Dont foget to lift weights and proper diet.
  5. products/software that can track or find a stolen laptop, if it got stolen?

    i just read a post about someone asking if a stolen laptop can be traced,, that would suck if that happened....what product/software can find a laptop if a theif logged onto net,,, and,,are there any...
  6. computers: what parts/card do i need to add a dvd drive, ?

    i was reading a book from 2002 about pc's, and it had a dvd+- shown as having a separate controller card, and large cables running out the back and into the video i really need all that?...
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    convert mp3 files to audi file?

    i like to listen my mp3 music files in audi format how can i do that?
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    pc dvd writers,,do i need two?

    how do dvd+- writers work? do i need a second dvd writer to make a copy of a dvd/cd? one to read the dvd, and one to copy to?
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    would like ask a question?

    i would like to ask teenage guys a question about "something" (u know wat)
    email or im me at [email protected] thanks so much
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    monitors: is 8ms fast enough for games? 5ms?

    im looking for a monitor,,seems that most are 8ms, 5ms, and 2ms...i know 2ms is great,, but would 8ms or 5ms be good for gaming also?
    I"m thinking i need a non-widescreen as well. thanks.
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    how many bas rutten mma karate instructions?

    I like watching bas rutten's mma instructionals,, I have extreme pancrease and his big dvd's.. someone said he had another set called superior freestyle,,,anyone seen those? or is that just another...
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    why a tv tuner for a notebook?

    im looking at custom built notebook computers from and one option is a tv tuner,,,why would anyone want a tv tuner when you have a tv/dvd player at home/hotel to watch? thanks.
  13. Better bang for $$: a Dell Inspiron 530 or a Gateway T-6836?

    Use the computer a lot both are comparable in price, which would be faster and bigger or better?
  14. Do persons get a copy of the operating system software when purchasing a laptop.?

    I just ordered a laptop from HP and i am wondering if i would get a personal copy of the operating software (vista) or would it just be installed on the computer. What other software usually comes...
  15. Old injury causing new pain - Sternoclavicular Joint?

    I was in a car accident 4 years ago with a combined impact power of about 85MPH in a head on collision.

    My immediate pain was my left knee because it was smashed IN TO the dashboard. Anyway, that...
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    limewire wont connect to internet?

    my internet is working and everything is fine but my limewire wont connect.
    i deleted it and re downloaded the newest version and it still wont
    whats happening
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    Dj app for ipod touch?

    Is their a Dj app for the ipod touch thats actualy realistic to the real thing? Not that mixmeister thing.
  18. which "type" of high speed internet for gaming?

    whats the best high speed internet for gaming? cable modem? dsl? dish?

    im about go get a new pc, so any tips on what to buy for heavy online gaming would be good,,I will have the latest video card...
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    bruce lee's style defined?

    was bruce lee's jeet kune do basically wing chun? what were his primary modifications?

    ps,,any instuctional videos that you can recommend?
  20. Italy vs France soccer game on Internet (free) where?

    please provide the correct web link to see on the internet france vs italy 2-0 score, soccer game june 17, 2008
    a rapid rsvp will earn you points. it must be free
    to watch on the internet, thanks.
  21. how do i get people on my blackberry messenger?

    everytime i go to add a contact to my blackberry messenger.
    it wont work.
    how do i do it.
  22. new t-mobile user. Fav 5 and internet? wont work?

    my Fav 5 Wont show up on my menu and everytime i go to connect to the internet. it says im not in an area to connect.
    but my whole family can
    we just got our phones last night.
    what can i do to...
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