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    How accurate is Family Gossip?

    is the majority of gossip lies to get back at someone? or is there some truth to family gossip? personal experience would help
  2. Any computer retailers like radio shack or circuit city in london?

    me and my dad are going to build a computer. we forgot to buy tools while in america. He is going to england for a business convention or something like that. he wants to know if there are any...
  3. f*ck them continue on brother and keep living la...

    f*ck them
    continue on brother and keep living la vida loca
    dont get all down and shit just cuz they made fun of u
  4. Is the gam splinter cell double agint different on ps2 and Xbox?

    i just watched the trailer and there are loads of thing in the trailer i havent seen when i played and finished the game on ps2 i just want to know if their both different or do i have to donwn load...
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    is the LG env2 durable?

    i got the phone and idk i feel a little uncomfortable with the hinge, also i just got it like 3 days ago, and the hinge is already a little squeeky. not like annoyingly loud but u no what i mean...
  6. Is it safe to put games on a TI-84 Plus Silver edition calculator?

    I have a brand new TI-84 Plus Silver edition calculator. I am considering putting games on it. I found out that to do this, you need to install MirageOS. Is that true? Also, is it safe to use this to...
  7. i can not connect to the internet but i am connected to an unidentified network?

    im connected to a network but somehow i just cant connect to the internet ive tried everything but nothing seems to work it keeps on saying service name may be wrong etc etc help me please
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    should i get the verizon wireless blitz?

    idk its really cheap, not a brand phone, like LG or samsung. i watched reviews, and they said it doesnt have a lot of software or features, but idk. something about that phone makesme want to get it....
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    samsung glyde new update?

    i heard the glyde got an update so that the touch screen is better or some shit. does this mean i should get it? cuz i was planning on getting it a while back. if not than im getting the env2
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    LG Env2 or Samsung Alias? ?

    which phone is better? im ok with any phone with a keyboard, but i just want to know which one is better
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    LG env 2 or voyager????????

    idk wats better?
  12. rattling noise between 50mph-60mph,96 ford taurus?

    i'm experiencing a rattling noise coming from under the car like it's comimg from the transmission so when i'm on the highway @ 55mph it's doing that noise so if i floor it a little bit to 60 it...
  13. how many games can a 1gig memory stick hold for the psp?

    around how many games can it save?
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    Fido Or Rogers!?!?!?!?

    Whats better?? Why? My family and I are trying to get cell phones but don't know what to pick. Its a family of 4. We'd like something with texting and good number of minutes for a good price. Please...
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    Fido Or Rogers!?!?!?!?

    Whats better?? Why? My family and I are trying to get cell phones but don't know what to pick. Its a family of 4. We'd like something with texting and good number of minutes for a good price. Please...
  16. The Movie Transformers: So basically the hot girl w/the BF that has a Hummer?

    drives a scooter? WTF
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    What do you think about the new iPhone?

    I am thinking about buying one because I think it's a must being able to use it for internet, music, phone calls and messaging, pictures, weather, GPS and many more options... I would like to know,...
  18. I can't get my a/c to work on my cadillac deville 94.?

    I had the compressor changed,system flushed, resealed, and recharged. The instrument paned readout reads "low refrigerant compressor off". So my a/c wont come on. I jumped a wire onto the compressor...
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    Bicycle sprocket|GT Bike?

    what difference does the size make if its on a bike? im getting a bmx bike just for riding around with my friends n stuff, so what would be the best for that. also what is the best Gt to get out of...
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    whats the best kind of GT bmx bike?

    can u tell me what the best kind of GT bmx bike there is?? im not like a professional bmx biker or anything and i wont even be using it for bmxing. i just want i light one that will last, ive been...
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    Should i get a Haro or a GT Bike?

    hey im just wondering because im getting a new bike 4 christmas so what should i get haro or gt also what is the best GT to get and what is the best Haro to get, also please dont give me some other...
  22. Why have the 60gb ps3's been discontinued by Sony?

    What Year did they came out and what year they stop making them??? When was the first launched and what is a model number like A01 or other? What is 1st launched ?
  23. Which guitar pick-ups are better, EMG or Seymour Duncans?

    i play a lot of metal deatchcore and grindcore. pretty much any type of rock. help?
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    #2 sounds scary

    #2 sounds scary
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    I helped an emo kid today at Taco Bell?

    These kids were picking on this kid at Taco Bell, they were thowing open packets of hot sauce at this kid and i told them to knock it off.
    FU! I dont want a pat on the back. And oh yeah, your real...
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