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  1. Sexually frustrated help sorry it's so long?

    I am 17 and a senior in high school. Okay so recently I have been having quite a few sex dreams and I love them also I have been ready fanfiction I know what your going to say I'm weird but whatever...
  2. How do you pair a Uniden D1780-BT wireless phone to a Bluetooth head set?

    I just purchased a Uniden D1780-BT phone. The sales person assured me that I could pair my Bluetooth hands free headset to the phone but I have not been able to do so. I have been able to connect the...
  3. Is there a way to personalize my ringtones on my Nexus 4?

    I see that i can change them but all there is is the defult ones that come with the phone, which are kinda lame, is there a way to use my music as a ringtone
  4. Any chat/social internet sites for teens like Habbo Hotel ?

    Im bored and i like habbo hotel but i want something more.
    Dont say myspace or facebook please!
    Thanks :)
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    plum sauce, so good!

    plum sauce, so good!
  6. a lot of people who post videos of them singing...

    a lot of people who post videos of them singing on youtube get pretty good recognition,there's this on girl Savannah Outen, who posted videos on youtube and shes gotten kind of famous(shes 16 now)she...
  7. Is there anything that i should avoid so my cysts don't burst?

    i have pcos and i heard i could make one burst or something by a lot of active moving. is that true and if so what should i avoid?
  8. What is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory you've heard lately?

    Looking for a good laugh...
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    breast cancer????PLEASE HELP :(?

    how can you tell from bones and breast tissue when doing a self breast cancer exam??
    and also tell me anything you know about breast cancer
    aslo can you get it earlyer than 20 what about 13
    no i...
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    Well at its age its hard to tell. Could be...

    Well at its age its hard to tell.
    Could be anything from a Saint Bernard, or maybe a Sheepdog? Collie? Jack Russel?
    Wait till its a bit older :)
    But gorgeous pup :)
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    I guess it depends on the loudness of it, and...

    I guess it depends on the loudness of it, and also if there's wind I think it would help carry the sound in that direction.
    Also, if it is really quiet around (in a valley) I suppose it would be...
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    How to work video editing software?

    I have WMM, but I don't understand how to edit clips. Like, let's say I recorded for 10 minutes and uploaded it, how would I cut that 10 minutes into little segments and meld it all together into one...
  13. Any NEW car is unsuitable for a 19-year-old male....

    Any NEW car is unsuitable for a 19-year-old male.
    So as long as it's used, s'okay.
  14. Help connecting to INTERNET! heelp! 10 pts best answer!?

    I have a wireless laptop that usually connects to the internet through a wireless network, which will NOT work because there is a lot of ice where I live and the wires broke I think so the internets...
  15. DO you think it is cheaper to eat healthy or junk food?

    My husband & I just started about a week ago only buying healthy food like fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, whole grain stuff, etc. I was wondering is eating these types of foods cheaper than eating...
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    My fish keeps jumping into the filter?

    I just set up a fish tank a few weeks ago and have been slowly adding fish. I recently added a loach. Last night I was watching all of the fish and they were all there. I walked away and heard a...
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    Ouija board prediction coming true? opinions?

    So my friend and I were playing with a ouija board she brought over and we were at first just asking about a bunch of celebrity gossip ( lol ). Then we started asking all the classics like "how many...
  18. Do you EVER click on the random interenet ads and pop ups?

    no one ever does, so why do they waste their time/money?
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    Help Help Help!!!!!!!! Help Meee?

    i just got the samsung glyde today and it doesnt have the little blue square shortcuts menu... i dont know how to put it up there and i cant find out how! help
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    iTunes v.8 help for Windows XP?

    iTunes v.8 (which is required for my new ipod) will not install on my computer and I have ran all of these diagnostic checks and have upgraded up to service pack 3 and have uninstalled, reinstalled...
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    When are any Twilight meet&greets?

    By Californiaaa [:
  23. where can i find a used or damaged sprint rumor for under $30 other than ebay?

    My phone won't charge, the overall phone itself works but I have to use my friend's phone to charge my battery. I need to find a sprint rumor that is cheap. I don't care if its broken or scratched...
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    You sound full of yourself. Not gonna lie.

    You sound full of yourself.
    Not gonna lie.
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    You sound full of yourself. Not gonna lie.

    You sound full of yourself.
    Not gonna lie.
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