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    How to be a UFC figher?

    I know you have to work ur a$$ off to get in the UFC. But I jest want to know, do you jest keep on winning fights till you get a contract. Or you have to ask for a title fight or somethink.
  2. How to get Norton Internet Security as a toolbar on task bar?

    So yesterday I had problems and therefore Help & Support updated the program from the 2007 version to the 2009 version. I used to have it as a little rectangle to the side of the icons (notification...
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    217 ...

    Internet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    1 Terminology; 2 History. 2.1 Creation; 2.2 Growth; 2.3 University students' appreciation and...
  4. Which car is cheaper a Nissan murano a Honda Crv a Nissan rouge.?

    I like all three but need to know which is the cheapest. the car is for my 22 year old daughter.
  5. Does anyone know this sims 2 website? A downloads website focussed mainly on

    fashion and celebrities? I used to have several downloads from them which were sadly lost when i had to uninstall my latest game and forgot to save my downloads. I have no idea what ti was called,...
  6. is he a candidate for the Most Improved Player of the year?

    Luke Walton?
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    u can meet her when santa comes down from my...

    u can meet her when santa comes down from my chimney ;]
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    Internet virus/browser hijacker?

    I've been a problem searching the web. When I type anything in and do a search, in it will give me different random links but will have the same page title. This happens on both internet explorer and...
  9. What does system 32 ntfs corrupt and install windows cd mean?

    My computer will not reboot anymore. It says corrupt hardware file and system 32 ntfs is corrupt. Is this a virus, or hardware failure?
  10. oh oh ooh did i ever say that??you cant speak for...

    oh oh ooh did i ever say that??you cant speak for every black guy,you shouldv ask "why do some"...and people can date who ever they want whether there black red yellow or white,im tired of women...
  11. BlackBerry 8350i Nextel or Verizon BlackBerry Storm?

    BlackBerry 8350i will have direct connect(walkie talkie) or BlackBerry Storm?
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    Where to find nice women with good morals?

    the club scene,parties ect i dont think thatll work for me since most women from there lean more to the slutty type (not all)
    also i dont think its a good idea to go to church just to pick up women...
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    Nissan Micra Problems?

    I drive a 53 Reg Nissan Micra, it has always been fine, had it about a year, but this septmber i started driving long distance every day down the A3 and it's developing problems...

    Basically it...
  14. Anyone excited about the BlackBerry Curve 8350i Walkie Talkie?

    Sprint is releasing a new Nextel BlackBerry Curve 8350i with Walkie Talkie. I think this is great.
  15. Are there any Zune ready Car Stereos out there?

    I have been using Kenwood stereos that are ipod ready, but now I want to buy a Zune 120 gig. Is there good quality stereos that connect with good sound. I dont want some cheap cigar adapter either....
  16. When you're bored with the internet, do you just stay on it anyway?

    Because you don't know what else to do? Or just because you don't want to do the things you know you should be doing?
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    wrist pain, please help...?

    My right wrist has had problems for the last few years. I don't remember ever hurting it severely. It will hurt horribly for a few weeks, and then will be fine for a month! But then it will start...
  18. If I was yo mama Id say no too, unless I went...

    If I was yo mama Id say no too, unless I went with you!lol
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    Should I buy a PS3 or Xbox 360?

    I like Gears of War, but I am tired of Xbox 360 buring up, what will the PS3 offer me?
  20. Is the Xbox 360 still have 3 red lights issues?

    I am considering buying a new console, but I am tired of getting burned the the 3 red lights. Are new Xbox 360s still having the same problem?
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    How come my iPod is in A to Z order?

    I have a shuffle and when I didn't have my iPod on shuffle it used to be from whatever order I added them on... Now, when it's not on shuffle, it's from A to Z order. I want it back to when it was in...
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    i think that religion is not violent it is that...

    i think that religion is not violent it is that the people that misuse religion for their own reasons (like george bush)

    God bless!

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    why does everyone call obama a terrorist?

    i am just curious why it keeps happening. seeing as its obvious that if someone were really an anti-american, they wouldn't be running forthe presidency.

    God bless!

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    ....................................are you for...

    ....................................are you for real? or you just acting stupid?
  25. Have you ever liked a celebrity, then politics makes them ugly, and you lose all

    respect for them? Do you know what I'm talking about?

    And don't you think the Academy Awards should be just that, an awards show, and not a political platform?
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