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    What are good topics??

    I want to know good topics to talk about with my gf we can never thank of anything and it is really boring
  2. What format is best to rip a DVD to my Computer?

    Hello. I am trying to rip or convert some of my dvd videos&moives onto the HDD. However,what should be best final converting format? I really have no idea about that. How can I know anythhing about...
  3. How to protect game ideas from being copied (facebook,iphone,android)?

    Hi guys,

    Wondered whether anyone out there has experience developing games/software and protecting it against copycats or 'clones'?

    We've got a game idea that we want to launch, but have read...
  4. Pickup giovani hes guna take benjarvus green...

    Pickup giovani hes guna take benjarvus green ellises spot in a few weeks
  5. Just stop playing now

    Just stop playing now
  6. How do make sure that a Nokia 1600 can use international roaming?

    I need to make sure that both the SIM card and the phone have the right settings for international roaming.

    The SIM card is with Telstra.
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    Help with jailbreaking ipod touch!!!!?

    i updated the ipod touch 1st gen to 2.2.1, and then restored it. i tried jailbreaking with quick pwn it keeps freezing at updating bootloader. I try restarting the computer and changing the usb but...
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    Well that would just suck for you if Apple locked...

    Well that would just suck for you if Apple locked it up, wouldn't it?
  9. Nope nope nope!

    Nope nope nope!
  10. where can someone find public records / background checks for free on the internet?

    please and thank you
  11. Can you squint on the eye exam for your permit in california?

    So I have poor vision (can't make out detail in peoples face far away, words are fuzzy) but when I squint (even though it is extremely unattractive) I can see normally, pretty much 20 20. So if I can...
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    How do i fix my car speaker?

    I just installed some new speakers in my car. I know the speaker is not blown. I bought the wrong speaker and the speaker was too big for the hole in the panel but i installed it anyway and now it...
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    that isnt bad for for 100,000 miles. thats a good...

    that isnt bad for for 100,000 miles. thats a good deal... and i would get it. they are pretty nice. and they will do 0-100 in about 11 sec..
    search it on youtube. check it out. i think you will want...
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    96 Dodge Stratus Aftermarket Stereo?

    I bought the harness to hook up an aftermarket cd player but when I pulled the radio out the dash it has 2 plugs plugged in, If I just hook one up to the cd player and plug it in will it work or will...
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    On iTunes where is my Applications folder?

    In iTunes on the top left there is a list: Music, Movies, TV, Radio, and SOMETIMES Applications is there. I would like to know how to keep that folder present at all times in the list with the...
  16. You are screwed for now. Until your lines get...

    You are screwed for now. Until your lines get upgraded in your country. Hopefully it will be soon with the use of the internet increasing rapidly.
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    Sprint rumors??? Good phones?

    I was wondering if they have any little problems that make them annoying to use. like if the camera is no good or the screen sucks. i guess give me a review
  18. I switched from iPhone to Blackberry and had to tell the ATT people a number by

    pushing *(some numbers)#.? What was that number and how do I find it again?
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    umm weight watchers?

    umm weight watchers?
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    well for lunch i have cheese sticks pizza dippers...

    well for lunch i have cheese sticks pizza dippers cookies and maybe some applesauce depends on my food. thats on my lunch list. yea im a beast!!!
  21. You will need high speed internet for xbox live...

    You will need high speed internet for xbox live (dail up isnt fast enough). So if you get DSL or Cable internet then you can plug the ethernet cable from the 360 to the DSL/Cable modem.
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    1 - Xbox360 (online play is a must) 2 - SNES...

    1 - Xbox360 (online play is a must)
    2 - SNES (way too many great games)
    3 - NES (the original)
    4 - N64 (omg its 3D)
    5 - PS2 (DVD player and more great games)
  23. Does anyone out there know the perfect calibration for my Samsung HDTV?

    I have the Samsung 46" HDTV, model number: LN46A530. does anyone have the perfect calibration settings for the picture on this?

    If anyone has this TV, can you list some pros and cons for what you...
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    2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Acceleration?

    Does anyone have a video of the 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid accelerating from 0-60 mph that is posted on the internet, or can anyone find one?

    I have heard that it has a slow acceleration, but i want...
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    Blu-Ray Movie Coupons?

    Blu-Ray movies are so expensive, and i want to buy them but i was wondering if anyone has links to some good coupons for these blu ray movies, just to ease the cost.

    Thank You!

    First person...
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