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  1. why americans argue over which race was cleopatra?

    1. cleopatra was macedonian, a southern european country where people look like greeks, spanish, italians….. they don't look whitey like american whites nor they look black like black americans
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    What is the point of living (RANT)?

    I'm 17 and I've been depressed for 2 years now. I've always wanted to like be an actor, whether it's on stage or infront of a camera, it didn't matter. I've always wondered, why did I want to be an...
  3. Is remembering your dreams important for lucid dreaming?

    If so why?
  4. What are your predictions for 2014, politically speaking?

    Many in this forum have a very ignorant view of who I am, what I stand for, and whom I back. I don't trust either party. Last for elections, I wrote in Ron Paul. Not, that I completely agree will all...
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    it is in the biology of women to go for richer...

    it is in the biology of women to go for richer and stronger men:
  6. You have a small mind consumed with hate. Merry...

    You have a small mind consumed with hate. Merry Christmas.
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    Im trying to burn a DVD on my MAC?

    Im using IMovie and for some reason I only burn 5 min of the total 21 min. I uploaded a personal video no prob from my video camera but I cant get the whole video on my DVD. I got it to work a few...
  8. There is an app notification that has a blue leaf.. Example it is next to the

    T-mobile my Account.. What is it? What is it called? Its a Blue Leaf, looks like a flower kind of leaf.
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    how do bitcoins work?

    Thinking about buying into em, but I'm new to it? How do they hold value? Other currency uses gold/silver... how does this do it? Also, I'm very worried if people start using it more, the government...
  10. watch Thor 2 The Dark World online or DVD which is best choice?

    watch Thor: The Dark World online
    watch Thor: The Dark World Free Full Movie
    Download Thor: The Dark World online
    Thor: The Dark World online HD
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    which is best full android game site ?

    I need full android game site. any body can help me?
  12. Medical Top Team Episode 12 English Sub and RAW - FULL?

    Just wondering where to medical top team episode 12 English sub and raw?

    Thank you
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    Why can't I mine litecoins?

    I have been trying to mine for a while now. I can mine Bitcoins no problem. I use GUIminer for bitcoins. If I go to a litecoin pool and signup, enter my information on GUIminer then it says it is...
  14. taekwondo olympic style sparring vs karate point fighting?

    which would you guys say is more realistic and helps more with highschool fights?
  15. look here I am pretty sure you will find what you...

    look here I am pretty sure you will find what you looking for 14

    make sure your read the comment if its working or not.
  16. VERIZON---My Blackberry Storm was lost or stolen yesterday and I would

    appreciate some advice ...? I called & reported it lost/stolen and Verizon "froze" all activity on it for 30-days. I DO have an upgrade available (been with Verizon for over 5 years.) I also found...
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    have sex

    have sex
  18. Motorola Phone Tools can't find my phone! help!?

    Okay, I have motorola phone tools version 5.0.5 and it wont detect ANY phone I plug in. I wanted it to detect my moto Rokr e6e but it wouldn't work. So I plugged in a Rizr, same thing. Rizr z8,...
  19. im 5 and on basketball team i have a health question?

    im 15 and n the basketball team when we runa t the beggining of practice after a while sumthin under my left ribs starts hurtin its pain and when i press on it and keep runnin i dnt feel the pain...
  20. Ok, I don't have this problem, so it may be your...

    Ok, I don't have this problem, so it may be your internet explorer, you can try to uninstall it, than reinstall it from, put internet explorer in the search bar to find it to reinstall...
  21. where on the internet can i find laws about whats legal for car lighting

    such as neon's and led lights? please help
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    What audio system is best for my car?

    I have a 04 ford taurus sel and i only listen to rap. It can't be that expensive, I heard all you need are subwoofers and an that true?
  23. What do I need to buy for a good audio system for my car if I only listen... rap/hip-hop? It can't be that expensive.....$250 or less
  24. What stores sell car audio systems and also install them?

    in Massachusetts??
  25. how can i make my pc reconigse a sony k300 cell phone ?

    i downloaded the pc suite from sony but still does not recognise the phone
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