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  1. how to install apps in safe mode in android phone?

    Is there any possible way to install apps in safe mode in android phone?Edit
    My HTC Desire has stocked in safe mode. I cannot install any apps...i tried hard to get out of safe mode. Volume down...
  2. How long did it take you to get ready for the theory test? Whats the...

    ...quickest/effective way in around 2 days? to get ready for it? Also how does Hazard perception work? When exactly and how many times do you click? How is the mark out of 75? Please reply soon!
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    what's the name of this rap song?

    i had a song time back- i think it was by the outlawz and or tupac- it mentioned the term cradle to the grave- i think it was napolean or kadafi that started- it went- " i've been fucked..."
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    Question about Optimum Nutrition Pro Comlex.?

    I currently use Egg Protein by ON but was looking into gaining weight.
    Does anyone know why the pro Complex gainer is so much cheaper than the Pro complex itself?
  5. without Israel - middle east will be far more...

    without Israel - middle east will be far more peaceful, and harmonious place
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    People usually beleive in what was taught to...

    People usually beleive in what was taught to them. They may change denominations but their belief is usually similar to what they learned as a child. If they are weak they may be influenced to make a...
  7. Why do people complain about gas prices but buy bottled water and pay a...

    ...lot more per ounce than gas? Bottled water is a scam. Research where the water comes from.
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    Physics is truth!

    Physics is truth!
  9. Anyone know the name of the movie in which a paperboy on a bike keeps demanding

    his two dollars? Don't remember much about the movie. I think that it starred John Cusack.
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    i`ve got both but for ur wife u should get the ds...

    i`ve got both but for ur wife u should get the ds as she will appreciate it more.
  11. Sony Ericsson W910i - Songs won't play on WALKMAN but are on phone?

    I put about 100 songs on the phone. They are in the music folder but won't play in the walkman? How do I get them to play in the walkman? They were in it the other day when I put songs on but now...
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    does any one have any psp themes?

    ? My psp firmware is 5.00m33
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    Xbox Live / Verizon DSL?

    At the moment I have comcast cable and my connection is pretty bad with a Netgear router. My dad canceled comcast so we could wait for fios in my area. Until then i will have verizon dsl. Is my...
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    Anyone has a nokia 500?
    What is it like? What's the camera quality like? I just got it today but am already not sure if I like it and...
  15. Leather jackets are reaaly in..; ] XOoO

    Leather jackets are reaaly in..; ]

  16. I was thinking of buying a pay as you mobile on the T mobile network but would

    like some advise as I am ? clueless about what makes a good phone so any advise would be helpful.
    I am looking at a price range of up to 40 or maybe 50 or under. I would like a good camera. How...
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    Diet and Exercise for a 15 yr old girl?

    I need to go on a diet and lose roughly about 10 - 20 lbs.

    Could someone please make out a diet and excerise plan for me to do?

    I don't want to take any special diet drink or pills. And the...
  18. if obama wins - is he going to change the world?

    if obama wins is america and the world going to be a better place
  19. I Have Athritic Knees And Lower Back Pain, Is A Mini Trampoline Helpful For

    Me.thank You? My Exercise Is Limited Due To My Athritis, I Swim, I Am Overweight As I Cannot Walk To Far And I Have Heard That A Trampoline Could Be Helpful, I Would Like To Hear From Anyone That Can...
  20. I have an unhealthy obsession with making it to hollywood lol?

    Please no mean or sarcastic replies but i have a great life. Really there is nothing to complain about but im very jealous of all of those celebrities. The fact they can date who they want, make...
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    am i fat???????????????

    im 15,5'4, and weigh 115
  22. why do people always ask where I am from? pick up line?

    I am reasonably attractive, but why is it when people (majority of the time they are guys) first meet me they ask where I come from after looking at me for a while?? Is this some sort of pickup line?
  23. I bough a GE Extra Large Capacity 5 Cycle Gas Dryer from garage sale, motor... but no heat.? Dryer is not drying heating is coming. I checked all the setting, gas connect is connect fine.

    Does anyone know where is igniter or pilot light on this dryer?...
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    Help with Rhapsody...?

    On rhapsody, for some of the songs i would like to purchase, rather than allowing me to buy the songs, the price is listed as "stream" and wont allow me to purchase the songs. could anyone explain to...
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    maybe you have gastro problems, ulcer developing,...

    maybe you have gastro problems, ulcer developing, or just typical period cramps.
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