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  1. What is a good comeback in this " what a face"?

    a random guy who doesnt have pictures on his facebook and uses anime character as his profile picture commented on my picture. What is a good comeback?
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    Nfl playoff Seeding predictions?

    I can see the Rams pulling an upset and beating Seahawks with a Carolina victory over Atlanta they'd have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs I also don't see saints losing to Atlanta so...
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    NFL Playoff Predictions?

    1 Carolina Panthers
    2 Seattle Seahawks
    3 Philadelphia Eagles
    4 Green Bay Packers
    5 New Orleans Saints
    6 San Francisco 49ers

    1 Denver Broncos
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    Do blu ray streamers play blue ray disc?

    I was at Wal-Mart and saw a blu ray streamer for pretty cheap. So... other than Netflix and hulu, does it also take discs? I asked the Wal-Mart chick, but that went over her head. Thank!
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    NFL Season Standings Predictions!!!!?

    AFC East #1 NE 11-5 #2 NYJ 9-7 #3 MIA 7-9 #4 BUF 5-11 AFC North #1 CIN 10-6 #2 PIT 8-8 #3 BAL 7-9 #4 CLE 6-10 AFC South #1 IND 11-5 #2 TEN 7-9 #3 HOU 4-12 #4 JAX 2-14 AFC West #1 KC 14-2 #2 DEN 13-3...
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    I think I had a premonition.?

    I was in the passenger seat and my mom was driving. Out of no where I was thinking about how if someone jumped into the road there out be no time to react and you would hit them. And how it would...
  7. why wont my vizio blue ray player let me search on netflix app?

    I have started a Netflix account and I use my Vizio Blueray player to watch it.When I want to search for something,it does not have a space to enter a title or anything.When I used my xbox 360...
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    Should i play truth or dare again?

    Ok so me two other friends and like 4 girls played truth or dare. Lets just say it got wild. The girls know wat i look like naked and i know wat they look like naked. lol yeah it was pretty fun. but...
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    wanna play fetch? get down on all fours, and i'll...

    wanna play fetch? get down on all fours, and i'll throw you my bone
  10. Are there any cheats for the arcade game "Derby Owners Club?" Its the World...

    ...Edition one and its by SEGA.? If anyone has anything about it, I would appreciate it very much! Thanks guys...
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    What Dirt Bike Best fits me!!!?

    I am about 5,9 and weight about 145? What would be the best bike for me! i am kinda new to but i have rode a couple of dirt bikes
  13. What would be a good business (internet or on location) for an American

    if they want to live in Mexico? Business or source of money.
    legal jobs
  14. Who outside of politics do you feel would make a good leader in government?

    I'd like to see a government made up of people very qualified for their position instead of just being political.

    Like a Bill Gates type person running the show. Someone that's proved themselves...
  15. just try your best to move on. dont even think...

    just try your best to move on. dont even think about it.
  16. Check out, you can put in your...

    Check out, you can put in your state and city and look at all kinds of cars and pictures of them.
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    Internet Error Message.?

    Ok, here's the problem: Just today, when I open Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or anything involving the network and internet connection, there's an error message that pops up saying,"...
  18. Blu-ray is Blurray, and gives an afterimage effect?

    I have my super powerful PC connected to my 42" Dynex TV, which supports up to 1080i resolution. Blu ray should play back fine using PowerDVD, but doesn't. I am only testing the dark knight, which...
  19. Where can I watch full episodes of Gossip girl?

    Where can i watch full episodes of Gossip Girl?
    With good quality and other things...
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    Help with pioneer dock in truck?

    I recently purchased a Pioneer dock for my truck. I have one problem. A few moments into a call, it disconnects suddenly. Does anybody know the problem? Thanks
  21. okay is there any way to recover your saved games from a previous xbox

    360 console console? i took my xbox 360 elite back to best buy because it was broken. the guy said there was a way to recover my previous saved games from xbox live but i dont know how
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    Another good, but lame, joke?

    As lame as the jokes my friend Jessica has, they still manage to make people laugh. So now i present you with another joke that made me smile all day, tell me what you think.

    Q:What did the...
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    call verizon

    call verizon
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    Whats a good Verizon phone to get?

    ONe that will work with aim or something
    and if it works with aim will i have to pay any extra money if so then

    just wats a good phone
  25. [email protected] iphone plans????????????????

    My cousin just updated from the iphone 2g to the iphone 3g. So he gave me his old one. If i want to get a plan do i have to sign a two year contract i mean i allready have the phone
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