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    A few boob/bra questions? Lol?

    im 15. I have very small boobs. I don't even have boobs. When I don't wear a bra you would think I was a guy, so I really don't have to support anything. I seriously think I'm less than an A cup....
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    Is this good for a book so far?

    Can you imagine life without a purpose? You most likely can't because no matter who you are and no matter what kind of life you have, there will be a purpose on why you are where you are.
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    Let me see what songs you know! *quiz*?

    How old are you?

    Fill in the words. These are son lyrics.

    We all live in a _____ _______

    You may be right, I may be _____

    Yea we all have a face that we ____ away forever
  4. Are the k! Tour bands signing tuff after the show?

    My friend I going and she says there will be but I'm not sure. She says she'll take something for me (I didn't get tickets in time) that is, if they're even signing.
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    DVD/CD ROM problem. help please?

    Dvice Manger shows everything is working except "Other Devices" has yellow quesiton mark, so could it be this causing my dvd/cd rom not to work?
    Note; when i insert cd the DVD/CD rom player lights...
  6. Does a phone with the frequency, Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz work on...,bell,telus etc? I am thinking out buying a phone with the freqency Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz + WCDMA 850/2100MHz, will it work on bell telus koodo etc.
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    What do I need to know about owning a Ferret?

    I'm thinking about buying a Ferret soon now that I can afford it and my parents will allow it. Are Ferrets better in pairs? How do I find Unscented Ferrets? Any tips for owning a Ferret would be...
  8. What percentage of kids with gay parents grow up to be gay?

    Is it higher or lower than the standard percentage?
  9. im on my friends account to ask which should i do for mma?

    all these schools have preety beastly instructors so how well do styles flow whick do u reccomend

    by the way im 17

    i have a black belt in tae kwon do i achieved when i was 14 so if that help...
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    i heard it from a buddy is this shit real or was he bluffing
  11. try 8 0's .... 0000 0000 LOOOL that works most of...

    try 8 0's .... 0000 0000 LOOOL that works most of the time, or 6 0's but im pretty sure 8 and check ur manual it should have the code under there.... LOOOOL
  12. in my oppinion the full ranges of combats would...

    in my oppinion the full ranges of combats would be a champion at mma cage fighting, streetfighting/backyardfighting tornament and sport aikido[i don like aikido being used as a sport but it i the...
  13. I need some help communicating and explaining things to my mother. Can anyone help?

    My mother and I have usually have a really good relationship. For the the most part, we're able to talk to each other and communicate really well. But every time I try to do my homework, my mom yells...
  14. whats the difference between mma gloves and hand protectors as shown?

    if that dosent work go to and type in hand protectors it is the first thing titled...
  15. let me think some would say muay thai ...

    let me think

    some would say

    muay thai
    brizilian jiujitsu

    this is supposed to have takedowns takedown defence gentle style hard style submissions striking with 8 limbs of the...
  16. IS there a way i can connect a bluetooth, handsfree headset to my computer?

    ok so my computer has bluetooth and i just got a samsung bluetooth headset WEP300 it says its a MOBILE ENHANCEMENT, but i want to use it for my computer as headphones and a microphone, is there a...
  17. what is the best way for a young adult from 17 to 21 to get started in politics?

    should i be registered to a political party , what if i am unsure of my political affiliations, is there a club or service that would help, do u just go and stright up ask can i join
    volanteer for...
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    how do i connect the wii to the internet?

    i just got a wii and i tried to connect it to the internet and i said, "can't find your Conection."
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    Can you tell a Funny joke?

    I had a blaa day today and need to cheer up can u tell me a funny joke u made up or heard. (Please nothing really perverted) Ten points to the funniest joke. Thanks ^_^
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    it's illegal to download photoshop from the...

    it's illegal to download photoshop from the internet unless it's from the adobe site. and this is the wrong place to be asking this question as no one will give you a serial cause it's illegal.
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    How do you book a celebrity for an event?

    How do you book a celebrity for an event. Were do you find there manager or who to call to book them.
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    I dont remember but you can look at type...

    I dont remember but you can look at type in suit life of zack and cody and look at episode descriptions
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    high school musical songs are great. or all the...

    high school musical songs are great. or all the songs of stuff on the disney channel...
    or what about pop songs.
  24. can you put a gas motor on a electric pocket bike?

    i want to know if i can put a gas motor on my electric pocket bike.
  25. you can't get your internet faster unless you get...

    you can't get your internet faster unless you get fibre optics. the speed also depends on how many people is using it in your area and how much data is being transfered (downloading).
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