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    What does it mean to ride on a back of an Eagle?

    I had to go somewhere so I saw a huge eagle and jumped on its back. He started flying even outside the known space ,where I almost fell from it. We returned and reached a point that was close to my...
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    Advice on picking a car/SUV?

    Okay. So... Just FYI, I'm using the word car to refer to any automobile..

    1. I want a car that is safe!
    2. I want a car with good gas milage
    3. Can be new or used, as long as its under or...
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    That's a little mean spirited, but the answer to...

    That's a little mean spirited, but the answer to your question is yes, Mary Lincoln suffered from what we would now call clinical depression.
  4. Don't believe everything you hear.

    Don't believe everything you hear.
  5. It was arrogant to mock up a Presidential seal...

    It was arrogant to mock up a Presidential seal for his podium before the election. Imitating Lincoln is just flattering a great President.

    He could turn out to be a wonderful president. I doubt it...
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    are you obsessed with any celebrity?

    to a freaking point?
  7. It's actually a Hollywood Landmark know as The...

    It's actually a Hollywood Landmark know as The Cross at Caheunga but often called the Hollywood Cross.You can read about the history of it at the webpage below.

    Truly… God shines brighter than all...
  8. i need the funniest jokes u have ever heard!!!?

    i need jokes !!!!
  9. has anyone tried to buy an iphone from this website (

    they offer good price, but i am not sure if i can trust them?
  10. im thinkin into the future.. im petrified of havin him round mine?

    im lookin into the future for when i get a bf.. thats IF i get a bf


    ive never had a bf come round my house before, i guess you could say i keep it a lil private from my family,...
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    LG Voyager

    LG Voyager
  12. What do you do to help her? I cook and keep...

    What do you do to help her?

    I cook and keep the yard looking nice. She cleans and does my laundry. It's a partnership. That way no one does ALL of the work.
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    I'm in love with a celebrity, how silly!?

    I know that people have 'crushes' on celebrity all the time, IE someone is obsessed with Jennifer Anniston and considers her to be very beautiful and wants to meet her etc etc. But for some reason...
  14. Sounds like it might be a piece on one of your...

    Sounds like it might be a piece on one of your front wheel drive shafts. I'd suggest getting a pro to look at it. This unfortunately might be expensive.
  15. What does progressed saturn in scorpio in the 10th house mean for a new

    career choice today? I have the progressed sun and moon in pisces in the 2nd house. I really need a new career path. Any suggestions?
  16. This question is too vague to give a clear...

    This question is too vague to give a clear answer. The
    The F-250 came with anything from a v6 to a 460 ci v8. The year of the truck and motor size at least is required. small block/big block etc.
  17. I would say it's a judgement call on your behalf....

    I would say it's a judgement call on your behalf. Installers are either good or bad no matter where they choose to work. Ask around to some of the people you know that have had work done. A dedicated...
  18. ok honestly in todays market you can pretty much...

    ok honestly in todays market you can pretty much take the listed wattages they list on amps and throw them out the window. There is no rules or limitations to how they test so each company tests them...
  19. Having Problems getting my truck to pass inspection?

    I recently had a 1996 S-10 pickup with a 2.2 4 cyl engine standard transmission left to me. I put the truck on the road and took it in to get it inspected. Several of the systems needed (evap, HO2...
  20. My Gerbil has red gunk on its it sick??

    Well, when I picked up one of my gerbils today, she had some red gunk around her im not sure if it came out of her nose or if she was just digging in something and got it on her...
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    how to get dark brown eyes to pop like this?

    yes i know she has blue green eyesbut how would you get dark brown, almost black eyes to have that pop... wouldn't just black eyeliner make everything a little too dark? there is no real contrast and...
  22. How much does it cost to watch TV shows on LG Shine with AT&T plan?

    I recently got the LG Shine and am still trying to figure some features out. Does anyone know how much it costs to watch TV shows on it? I'd really like to use that feature, but I have no idea how...
  23. Thread: michael knight?

    by MK

    michael knight?

    what is one pappya times 2 pappya
  24. I bought an SFR sim card more than a year ago , it is possible to activate it an

    use it for my trip this week? I bought the sim card when I went to Paris, and I did not use it since. I will be in Paris tomorrow and would like to use my sim card again.
  25. how can i borrow a cellphone being a visitor in america?

    I will be visiting america for about a month from japan
    and i would like to borrow a cellphone using prepaid.
    is this possible?? where can i borrow a cellphone?

    Thank you so much!
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