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  1. I'm going to be seeing my crush tomorrow with some friends what should i wear?

    i am nearly 15 (in like 2 weeks) what should i wear, we are going to the movies and there is like 5 of us, and it is summer?
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    Watching shows online how many GB?

    Hi I've been watching, but not downloading, TV shows online legally through the company that broadcasts the shows websites and through Foxtel Go. I would like to know the average amount of gigabytes...
  3. well who wouldn't wanna kiss him!

    well who wouldn't wanna kiss him!
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    flash broken on olympus camera?

    i have an olympus FE-20. when i first got it the flash worked fine, then a couple of weeks later it just stopped. no matter what setting its on i get no flash. also a red flash symbol flashes...
  5. Are you excited for Joss Whedon's The Dollhouse on Fox Tonight (2/13-Fri)...

    ...w/ Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy)? The show looks great! I am really anticipating another Joss Whedon show - Finally. I've read the 1st episode is slow to start, but the 2nd episode is terrific....
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    i need help with my ipod please!?

    so i woundering how you write stuff on you calender and i was also woundering what the podcast option is for and what is a podcast and how do you put one on you ipod? any tips or anything would be...
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    Nokia 6300- I need help!?

    My friend ripped the covering of the battery off, and now my phone won't turn on...
    Is the battery broken? What can I do?
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    Has anyone tried the celebrity drink diet?

    It comes in a bottle like welsh's grape juice and you don't eat but you drink it for like 2 days straight and you are supposedly loose alot of weight?

    If you have tried it, Did it work? Was it...
  9. Hi... Guys only please! What is your dream girl like?

    Just curious to see what your dream girl is like - looks and personality.
  10. can yous recomend any good horror/thriller films?

    ones that like aren't strange things that no ones ever heard of,
    but some good ones that are relatively new i.e the last 5ish years,
    like the ring, saw, jeepers creepers, beneath, that sort of thing
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    you usually lose more at first because you lose...

    you usually lose more at first because you lose water, but you should find it slows down a bit from now on, if it dosent, just increase the amount of calories you have each day so that you still lose...
  13. Are you funny? Want 10 yahoo points for helping me think of something clever? Why

    don't you post here!? Answer these questions in a clever/funny way. It can be completely made up. Anything you want. I really need these ASAP so even the answer to one will be fine. Please shoot. I...
  14. Can you get the internet on your laptop on a plane?

    hi, im travelling to the U.K, we stop in a place near Africa and then stop in Singapore on the way and then finally land in London, I will be travelling there from Brisbane Airport in a few weeks...
  15. Anybody have good experiences with survey sites?

    thanks in advance
  16. What technological advances have made satellite communications more effective?

    If you could describe, give references or even a helpful website would be much appreciated, I'm pretty stuck on my Physics research task!

    Beam forming?

    I thought about solar cells...
  17. How could an artificial satellite be placed in orbit around mars?

    How could an artificial satellite be placed in orbit around mars?
    Once there why would it stay in orbit?

    If possible could you include details about rockets, rocket speeds, affect of lack of...
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    Monday nights Gossip Girl?

    What song was playing when Dan and his teacher were in her apartment?
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    How to eat healthy food at school?

    My school provides food, that is payed for at the beginning of the year, so choices is not a problem, but our school has a lot of unhealthy choices like chips and hot dogs which look a lot more...
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    Can you upload DVD's onto your iPod Touch?

    Can you upload high street brought DVD's onto your iPod Touch (2nd gen)?

    I presume you'll need a software, to do this if you can? Which should i use?
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    you have to reset your ipod to make your itunes...

    you have to reset your ipod to make your itunes recognize it again
  22. Which type of technology is most suitable to bring internet services to...

    ...offshore structures e.g. an oil rig? Which type of technology is most suitable to bring internet services to offshore structures e.g. an oil rig? Id say (VOIP) but is their more then one choice...
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    i searched two different websites & i couldn't...

    i searched two different websites & i couldn't find it, sorry
    the episode is called poison ivy
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    I don't think you can put in any other fish...

    I don't think you can put in any other fish because bettas are very aggressive.
  25. my 2year old girl screams all night long and wont sleep?

    my 2 yr old and 1 yr old used to go to bed at 7 after dinner bath and milky bottle my 1 yr old still is in the routine but my 2 yr old seems to have gone out of control when u put her to bed all she...
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