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  1. Are the free calls on FB chat [FB App for Android] completely free?

    I recently downloaded the Facebook App for Android onto my HP Slate 7 tablet, and I saw that it gives you the option to "Free Call" your friends when you're both on mobile devices. I was just...
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    1920's fashion? How was it?

    What are some key elements to 1920s fashion? And how could I incorperate that into modern fashion? Thanks!
  3. HAVE to view ALL of the messages from my Rogers 2way text message center?

    I send text messages by way of Rogers 2way Text Message Centre. I HAVE to view ALL of my transcripts but it only shows the last 3 messages sent.; Although I know that in the past I was able to view...
  4. home by chris daughtry

    home by chris daughtry
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    Do me

    Do me
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    My knee hurts, what should I do?

    It hurts when I walk. I played volleyball yesterday. Is there any way I could tape it or anything to make it feel better?
  7. What do you guys think of Chris Cornell's new CD?

    I know it comes out on March 10th, but you might have heard his song entitled "Scream", and snippets from "Ground Zero", "Long Gone", and "Watch Out".

    It doesn't surprise me at all that his...
  8. you can't trade in.

    you can't trade in.
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    Why is my female cat scared of my male cat?

    This is kind of a long story-we have a male and female cat from the same liter. They grew up together, and we loved how much they hung out together and played, ate, slept together and everything....
  10. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. He was...

    Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. He was basically a no one before him and her were together. They met because he was one of britney's back of dancers. Hope I helped
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    ok now going career by career here: ...

    ok now going career by career here:

    Architecture - very good field, always need people there but your career options are kinda limited in the area and you have to search for a good place to work....
  13. For the most part, yes, because elections and...

    For the most part, yes, because elections and everything else that has to do with helping our country has been made a mockery of and turned into a circus. It's disgusting. Greed and corruption have...
  14. My bf has a psp with 5.03 firmware and he wants to use a SNES emulator on it. How

    can we do it? All the emulators we have tried seem incompatible with this version of firmware.
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    What is that new cheer leading movie?

    I saw a trailer for it...there are two guys that start cheer leading...and a group of girl cheer leaders say something like "Panthers Out!"
  16. What are some good names for a fashion magazine?

    I'm doing a project for school where I create my own fashion magazine. Any ideas about what I should call it?

    Please don't give me names of real magazines, and something simple would be great,...
  17. who are you obbsessed about? Better not be nick...

    who are you obbsessed about? Better not be nick jonas...
  18. Squeeling noise in 2001 Kia when using a/c or defroster?

    When we have the defroster on, the car squeals. I think it may be related to the a/c, because whenever you have the defroster on- the a/c automatically goes on as well (always been like this). But...
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    Why can't I load music onto my samsung s3?

    I have the thing connected, and the screen on the s3 says USB connected, and I've been playing between the rhapsody thing and emodio, and I see the option for transferring music to a portable...
  20. Check out the 2010 Buick Lucerne and tell me what you think?

    I think it's pretty good
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    Hmm...I think I know what you mean. Like,...

    Hmm...I think I know what you mean. Like, sometimes I'm afraid to do things a second time because I am afraid that they will be different from the first time. For instance, when I went to Europe...
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    how to break into the trunk of a volvo.?

    my bf and i got a free 82 volvo sedan. but the keys were long lost. we've managed to break in to the car and start the ignition, but we cant get to the trunk. there is a hole behind the back seat arm...
  23. Anyone have any suggestions for what to make with an emu egg?

    Long story short, I just acquired an emu egg from a local farm. The volume is equivalent to 10 chicken eggs. And with the ratio of White to yolk being greater than chicken eggs, the flavor is...
  24. Difference between nutrition and holistic nutrition?

    I want to major in holistic nutrition but no colleges around where I live offer it. Are nutrition classes really that different? Do they still focus on how foods can heal you?
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    HP Printer cannot connect to network?

    I'm trying to set up my new HP Photosmart C7280 Printer using Integrated wireless WLAN 802.11, but for some reason the printer cannot connect to the network. I printed off a diagnostics summary, and...
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