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    Isn't that just typical of a climate...

    Isn't that just typical of a climate alarmist ?Leaving out the evidence.
  2. How to hide download complete notifications in Bittorrent 7.4.1 on Mac?

    I'm currently downloading a lot of files on my Mac and would prefer notifications not to show when I finish. I go into Preferences but all I see is this...
  3. Marshawn Lynch, Ryan Matthews, DeMarco Murray, Leveon Bell, Shane Vereen need to

    choose 3? who should i choose for semi finals week...i need to win this hehe get in the championships
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    which hdd is best for my laptop?

    i found out why my high spec laptop was running slow,it was its 1tb hdd running at 5400rpm.
    its specs are - [email protected],8gb ddr3 ram,windows7 home premium.
    hdd should be atleast 750gb as it used very...
  5. Why doesn't the American Government mine bitcoins in order to pay back their debt.?

    Why doesn't the US government (CIA, FBI ,Congress etc..) use all of their computers to mine bitcoins in order to lower the debt of the country. I thought you need computers with tons of processcing...
  6. Leveon Bell, DeMarco Murray, Shane Vereen, Andre Ellington, Ryan Matthews? I need to

    pick three? Bell vs Browns

    Murray vs Giants

    Vereen vs Broncos

    Ellington vs Colts

    Matthews vs KC
  7. How much would a reasonable price for my Blackberry Bold 9900 be?

    Blackberry Bold 9900 8GB, no scratches, no dents, no cracks, but some paint wear above the keys.
    1 year old, nothing at all missing from the box, also 5 cases with it too; 2 hard cases 2 plastic...
  8. Israel develops technology behind GM smart car of the future. What have...

    ...Palestinians done, invent the wheel? Are "Palestinians" still whining that they got their "land stolen," after masturbating in the desert for centuries?
  9. Can you use Facebook & download apps over Wi-fi on the Blackberry Curve

    9310 $45 Boostmobile plan? I really like the Blackberry devices & I'm thinking about getting the Curve with the Boostmobile carrier but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to use Facebook over...
  10. Hey guys i use zbigz to download torrents but i need to get a premium account?

    Please for the love of all that is good do not send me SPAM!
  11. I found an old handheld tv with VHF and UHF frequencies, it has a little antenna

    with it.? Will it still work? Even if only in certain places? Or is it trash?
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    fill out the back title . also get a bill of sale...

    fill out the back title . also get a bill of sale .. it should have the vin , names , price , sale date info on it.. some states need a inspection . insurance . go to the dmv .. pay sales tax their ,...
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    my 99 jeep cherokeehas a strange squeak?

    my 99 jeep cherokee has a squeak but is stops when i engage the clutch then it stops when i release it. i just replaced the clutch so it is not that and i have a crack in my tranny but it is apoxied...
  14. anyone have a crew cab truck for sale ? under 8500?

    i found two 03 dodge crew cabs wit 5.7 for 6900 .. and a 01 and a 02 ford f250 crew diesel for around 6800 .. i would prefer near mo or ok ks ar ?
  15. what are the best virtual console games and wii ware games?

    I really want to know. I think I'll get the internet channel, super tecmo bowl (football), and some wii ware.

    Please list as many as you can!
  16. Will a Nokia phone reuse a filename for images? Are they always in

    sequence? Does date affect the FileName? Long story short I am trying to confirm the sequence of events through the use of cell phone images. And the filename is not matching with the sequence of...
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    Unknown Nokia 5310 Indicator?

    My Nokia 5310 has an indicator on the top of the display that looks like a blue phone with two left-pointing arrows on the left side of the phone and two right-pointing arrows on the right side of...
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    Just got the bluetooth headset Jabra BT2050?

    ok well im using it now and the sound quality isnt that great and I know that the blue light on a bluetooth headset is supposed to blink blue this Jabra headset does not blink at all so im really...
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    Kingston is a great brand for memory. That also...

    Kingston is a great brand for memory. That also looks like a great deal as well. Sounds good to me.
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    Kingston is a great brand for memory. That also...

    Kingston is a great brand for memory. That also looks like a great deal as well. Sounds good to me.
  22. how to put laptop monitor on the back of the laptop.?

    yea, i have a gateway solo 5350 and i wan't to take the monitor off and put it on the back of the laptop.(like a mac). i would just put it on an lcd monitor but i have no moola. i am only a teenager...
  23. Chevy Diesel truck using anti-freeze and smoking?

    My 1995 Chevy diesel has 231,000 miles on it and it has been very well kept. It was sitting outside running and ideling for an hour, looked like it was lightly smoking..I jumped in it and started...
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    barney friggin purple dinosaur was the pwnage!!!

    barney friggin purple dinosaur was the pwnage!!!
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    Whats the deal with exercise bikes ?

    Why are they so expensive ? I have never seen one for under $100.00 .
    It is just a bike that is stationary , right ?

    Couldn't you make one from a used $20.00 bike ? You would just take off the...
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