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    Future in your dreams?

    Ok there is this girl that I like at school, and somewhere I read on the internet or something that if they are in your dream they could possibly like you or what??
  2. Branch of human evolution that was like a plant?

    I was at the smithsonian a little while ago, and there was an exhibit there. It was humanoid, but it was made out of like... branches, or root-looking things. I just can't remember the name of it. It...
  3. Is it true that a major reason people are buying Bitcoin is because it is outside...

    ...the system & decentralized? I've realized that under the current issue with the indefinitely growing Blockchain problem, Bitcoin is going to have be restructured in a way that will bring about...
  4. I have a radeon 6870 amd is it worth mining for litecoins?

    Like is it profitable?
    Is it worth the time?
    How much do u estimate i would be making in a day?
    Oh and I have found a pool to join.
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    Anyone selling a roadbike uk London?

    In the london area thanks
  6. Why do I get this recurring feeling/premonition/vision/dream?

    I don't really know how to explain it. I think I've dreamed it one or two times, but most of the time I feel it when I'm awake. All of a sudden I imagine myself in this situation, and I don't know...
  7. You've also failed to mention the mental skill of...

    You've also failed to mention the mental skill of turning something that is beautiful and natural into something evil, dirty and wrong! I'm talking about sex baby!!! The limits that religion puts on...
  8. Every time I answer the phone, the internet disconnects?

    Every time I answer my phone, the internet disconnects? So, If I pick up my phone, the internet wont work for about 1-3 mins.

    What is the problem?

    Do I need to install something?
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    an introduction to problem solving?

    i dont know why i cant do this. the back of the book answer says the answer is -25. heres the problem. twice the difference of a number and 8 is equal to three times the sum of the number and 3. find...
  10. is a very peaceful religion and is... is a very peaceful religion and is more a way of life than religious which does appeal to me more than other religions.
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    is there a job where i can clean buses?

    please help me tell me the website and phone number
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    well it acculy depends on wat games u like. like...

    well it acculy depends on wat games u like. like the halo series and fable serires and GTA for 360 also u could play the orginal XBOX games on 360 and they were pretty good .

    and for PS3 if u...
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    What Console Wii 360 Ps3?

    what console is better ???
  14. don't tell your mom...

    don't tell your mom...
  15. why does my att pantech matrix do this??? the backscreen doesnt turn on?

    ive had it for about 3 months, and i can feel it vibrate and talk on it and everything... just there is no screen. y? it was workign fine 10 minutes ago, then i got a text, opened it, and the screen...
  16. Something to do with not getting their money if...

    Something to do with not getting their money if they leave. Bear in mind the only reason they are there is for the money!
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    Cool Animal Of The Future?

    I am doing this project in Science and I have to come up with a animal of the future because we are studing evolution. Does anyone have an idea about an animal that can evolve into something that...
  18. There you go. Another example of Western...

    There you go.

    Another example of Western Media Bias.
  19. How do Toyota Corolla's compare to Toyota Camry's as far as maximum...

    ...mileage they typically get? Ok, I currently have 2 Toyota camry's that each have 230,000 miles on them and are still running...

    I need to buy a third car, and I have found a toyota corolla that...
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    Shoot me now, my gf watches that show, it drives...

    Shoot me now, my gf watches that show, it drives me coocooo bananas lol
  21. i dont think they post those

    i dont think they post those
  22. what parts of the body is an exercise bike good for?? ?

    when on and exercise bike which part of the body is it good for??
    also what is good to get rid of love handlys and tummy fat from having children
  23. coudl my dad read my texts if i delete them for my phone? i have the att pantech...

    ...matrix...? he says he can read them.. even after i delete them.. can he go to the company or something and get a printout of them? is he just trying to scare me? would mobile aim count in those...
  24. i went to jai break me to download app snap but the page after u click on app snap

    is not loading ? it says it is untitled
  25. Can i hook up my wii's wireless internet with just a wireless router?

    When i try to hook it up, it finds the internet, but then says there's an error. Please help.
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