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    Talking to my ex (part 2)?

    Okay so I asked a question a couple minutes ago about starting to talk to my ex again. And things were going well, better then they have ever before. And last night he ended the convo by saying:
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    Arguing/Screaming Thoughts?

    I have these thoughts that seem separate from me, and seem angry at me, and they don't have their own voice or anything at the moment, but they scream at me.

    There's no real sound to it, they're...
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    my friend told my crush I like him?

    I found out today that my friend took my phone and took my crushes number and texted him saying that I like him. Apparently he didn't answer, and when I try to ask him if he got any texts from her,...
  4. How do you prevent other people from changing the desktop background on Windows 7?

    A list of multiple things I could do would help. I share a computer with some assholes in my computer class and they keep changing the background to something inappropriate. I locked it before with...
  5. Why are mormons telling everyone to prepare to live forever as if they had the

    spirit of prophecy? With all their spiritual gifts and the Holy Ghost as their Guide?
  6. How is Anne Frank the Protagonist in The Diary of a Young Girl?

    So I'm working on a report and i need to know how Anne and the people living the secret annex are protagonists and how the nazi are the antagonists. 10 points for the best answer :)
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    Motorola modem constantly restarting?

    Hi! For a few months now I've had a problem with my internet.
    I have Comcast as my provider, and I have a Motorola Surfboard Modem.
    The problem is, my internet will be out when I get home. I...
  8. What are some good sprint/mid-distance workouts and tips?

    I run cross country but I do sprints in track. a coach saw me run and told me he thinks I should try the 800. He says he thinks I could possibly qualify for states. Any helpful hints for the 800?...
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    Can seat in Dodge van be fixed?

    We have a 2001 Dodge Caravan. The other day my husband was going to work the the seat (where you back rests) went back 3 inches and now will not move. Can this be fixed? He tried fixing it and...
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    7 or 8.... can't think of a celeb you look like.

    7 or 8.... can't think of a celeb you look like.
  11. Chemical free products!!! Would you like to get enrolled and have access to...

    ...purchase chemical free products? Everyday products have side effects and cause health problems. I am using the best ones for my family now and it feels great to know that we're living healthier....
  12. Bob.

  13. I need serious help with my skin. Anyone have tips?

    Ok, i can admit, i do have O.k skin. But I really want it to glow. I have a fair skin color......some acne ( i know- yuck!!) I have smooth skin on the cheeks but else where is kinda rough. That's...
  14. Beauty Queens-fashion lovers,(AND YA GUYS TOO!)I need you taste for hair style!

    :D <3? Ok. Im between the ages of 13-16. And I wanted an opinion and good eye for style- for my hair. For private reasons i do not have a picture to share with you of myself.

    Anyway, Im looking...
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    Who is your celebrity crush?

    I would have Jackson Rathbone.
    How about you?
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    BAAHHAHA!! ...

  17. Anyone who has bought a refurbed LG shine?!?

    I was wondering how it worked out for u like ive heard that the screen brakes easily and that u experience problems after not having it for too long?! Also does it come in like new condition like is...
  18. please recommend some surfy/indie/british music?

    like nada surf and what not thanks:)
  19. Hi, can anyone help me with finding some new music?

    Hi:), I had a lot of songs on my ipod but then somehow they all mysteriously disappeared and i don't have lots of them on my computer, and i desperated need some new stuff and I can't remember all of...
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    Jumping my pony........??

    I just recently bought a 13.1 pony who is predominantly hunter/jumper. I'm 5'4" and you think I would be too much weight for her to jump 2'?
    Her previous owner has told me that she's...
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    Go to the quiz that tells you what faith you are..

    Visit this site...There are 20 questions and you answer based on your beliefs.

    At the...
  22. You are ghetto and sick as shit!

    You are ghetto and sick as shit!
  23. My computer crashed and I had to get a new hard drive. How do I download my ipod's

    songs with only the ipod? I don't have the old hard drive...
  24. Hm, i think David Tennants quite good looking....

    Hm, i think David Tennants quite good looking. (doctor who). which is weird cause hes like 40 or something and i'm 14. HAH. but he's still strangely attractive.
  25. David flucking Beckham and Brad Pitt. I would...

    David flucking Beckham and Brad Pitt. I would brain wash them into thinking that I am their wife. hahaha holy shnappers they are hot. omfg if i could get my hands on one of them.... naughty naughty...
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