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    well my sister ALWAY gets her way and i noticed...

    well my sister ALWAY gets her way and i noticed that she acts really nice to my mm and shes always like "I love u mom!!" ad shes alway like "why do u hate me?!" but after she gether stuff shes...
  2. I had the same problem, but then i found out that...

    I had the same problem, but then i found out that u have to get a wireless iternet card and so i did that and i had no problems with that and the best part about having a wireless card is that u can...
  3. media manager for walkman 1.2 keeps shutting my pc down ?

    Whenver i try to fully install media manager for walkman 1.2 mp3 player my pc shuts down in the middle of it. Or i click the desktop icon to see if it will start up and it shuts down again! help!
  4. media manager for walkman 1.2 keeps shutting my pc down ?

    Whenver i try to fully install media manager for walkman 1.2 mp3 player my pc shuts down in the middle of it. Or i click the desktop icon to see if it will start up and it shuts down again! help!
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    try googling social anxiety...this is when you...

    try googling social anxiety...this is when you don't like socializing with people, may avoid crowds, loner...physical symptoms of anxiety may manifest themself during this time
  6. what will assist me in doing pull ups and chin ups on a bar?

    I bought the iron gym and I heard that there are some kind of straps that help you do pulls ups and chin ups for beginners. Can you give me a link to buy them from or the name of some good ones...
  7. i want to play lots of pranks to annoy someone without getting caught, ideas?

    I want to play ANY type of prank on this certain someone that can be cruel or hurtful or just plain funny in anyway. PLease give me some ideas. Keep in mind that I don't want them to know its me. An...
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    The Verizon Venus Price?

    My phone I have now isn't what I expected and I want a new one. I was looking up phones and I seen the Verizon Venus. I realy like it but I don't know the retail price. My 2-year contract isn't up...
  9. how do i tell if my xbox 360 is an arcade or a core?

    is there a way to tell by just looking at it? I'm looking all over in the back and it doesn't specify?
  10. best internet service for me to purchase in long beach,ca?

    i'm looking for the best internet service to have which is affordable and good connection and speed in the downtown long beach, ca area. What would you suggest? Currently I have DSL with Verizon that...
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    Help with future career ideas.?

    Well, I'm deciding on what kind of high school to go to this year. And starting now, I realize that all my choices will effect my future. Currently, I want to generalize in the field of Genetic...
  12. Click on the link and tell me if this stun gun is good or not?

    I want something that will really ''STUN"" someone if they try to...
  13. What is ctrl on keyboard for? just a shortcut button?

    Anyone know where I can find the Insulator and conductor code standards
    (National Electrical Code)

    Is ctrl on keyboard for shortcuts?

    few questions I cant find answers to that are on this...
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    which snowmobile should I get? ?

    I'm getting a new snowmobile but I don't know which one to get 1996 Arctic cat Z440 ? Or a 1995 Ski Doo Formula Rotax 500?
  15. How do I fish off of a pier on the ocean shore?

    Please help me understand everything about standing off of a pier and fishing, by answering the below questions. Dont suggest boat fishing, I just want to fish off the pier.

    What kind of bait do I...
  16. please help me connect my motorola blue tooth to my ps3!?

    my ps3 seems to pick it up because it shows it as paired on the "manage blue tooth devices" area, but i can't seem to talk through it or hear anyone. For example, when playing call of duty 4 online,...
  17. Is there a computer program to check deleted internet history?

    Im looking for a program to buy to retrieve past web sites. My girlfriend keeps deleting the history and I want to find out what see is looking at. If there is a program could you tell me the name...
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    how fast can a three wheeler go?

    how fast can a three wheeler go
  19. Aside from blu-ray disc, does the ps3 play regular dvds?

    I"m wondering if the ps3 plays regular dvds as well as blu rays?
  20. Best mid-September Soft Serve In Saco/Old Orchard Beach Maine?

    I'm visiting Old Orchard Beach for a mid September weekend trip with my fiance, and she and I happen to love soft serve ice cream. Is there any really good soft serve ice cream places open here in...
  21. Where can i find any images of tattoos of the hollywood sign, preferably down

    the side of the torso? I've looked all over the internet: Google images, etc. And i can't find anything. I'm honestly not even considering a tattoo or anything, but i overheard some random person...
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    laptops internet?

    if i have a modem at home for the internet on my laptop, how can i get internet while in the car or a different state?
  23. why do black people act the way they do,yet complain about Racism ?

    all they ever do is act loud and rowdy, start fights with people for no reason and disrespect others by saying comments out loud! Yet they wonder why so many people hate them so much. Today as I was...
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    where can i watch celebrity sex tapes?

    i was ona website earlier
    started with a Y
    and i watched Colin farells porno.
    but yeah what was the website called?
  25. Why do my new Durabrand 2.0 CH USB Powered speakers cause static?

    I just bought them and I'm plugged into my new PC and I hear static when I'm not playing anything! When I play something, the static fades away and it plays fine, I have it about 2 feet away from my...
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