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  1. MKV file that won't play on anything, not even VLC/DIVX, help?

    There is one MKV file that I have. I was downloading earlier, and I check to see if it worked. It did. However the file stopped downloading because I accidentally closed my browser. I have downloaded...
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    How much is internet on iPhone?

    Im buying an iPhone and i was wondering about the internet.
    Im not talking about internet with the wireless router, but just to check the weather for instance
    Will it take money off my phone...
  3. how many 02 sensors are three in a buick rendevous?

    I know their is one behind the catalatic converter. But how many others are there.. I would like to order them on the internet and bring then to my mechanic. but if I order the wrong one i will be...
  4. i need to change the number 1 bank 1 02 sensor on my buick rendevous is it on

    the cross pipe the manifold.? I have been told there is 4 02 sensors on the rendevous. I have found the one before the catalitic converter. But have been told the one I'm looking for is on the...
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    gas rc truck buggy/car?

    ok i was looking at some gas rc buggys and i want to get one but i have a few questions were do i get the 15-20% nitro gas from and do they really do 55mph or r they overated and do they last anytime...
  6. Which program is better for dowloading music?

    I'm not sure which program to trust and which one is the best for downloading music out of these:

    Ares 2.0.9, BearShare Lite 5.2.5, BitComet 0.99, Cabos 0.8.0,
    FrostWire 4.17.1, iMesh 8.0 or...
  7. Name of movie 60s. man poses as woman in WWII years in Hollywood to act and lives

    life as woman. ? adopt child and truth only comes out when he dies .
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    1997 jeep cherokee lift kit 6.5inch?

    can anyone give me an estimate on how much a 6.5inch lift kit would be to get from a shop and get them to install it for me
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    1975 chevy nova question????????

    ok ive been trying to make the best choice

    my dad wants me to get and 1975 nova and fix it up with him but i dont know how much thats really gonna cost me because i can find a nova with a allright...
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    first car/truck wat should i get ???

    ok im saving up for a first car im 17 and idk if i want a 1996-2000 ram 2500 diesel or a 1976-1981 camaro its a first car wand im kinda leaning tot he camaro but idk if a old car would be good for me...
  11. dodge ram 2500 diesel or ford f350-250 diesel?

    i was looking at ssome of the 2000-2003 model trucks and i decided on the ones i like more and chevy wasnt high enough so i came up with the ram and the f350-250 either ford but i like the ram better...
  12. dude save it for someone you love! sure it seems...

    dude save it for someone you love! sure it seems nice...but when you find your true love you'll regret it!
  13. Disconnected from internet during phone call?

    Okay so...we have verizon fois...and everything worked fine till now. Every time our house phone rings i get disconnected from the internet! Or if someone decides to use the phone. This just started...
  14. does anyone know how to get rid of cooked fish smells from home, except from

    air freshener's? apart from opening windows done that with no success
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    honda 450r or yamaha raptor 660r?

    buying a used quad 2005 450r or 2003 raptor 660r good answers only
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    kawasaki kfx 700????????

    i was just wondering i like the way the kfx 700 is automatic and the looks but could it handle some of the stuff i jumped on my cousins raptor 660 and honda 400ex he said it cant but he dont like...
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    honda trx450r 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    honda trx450r ok i was just wondering if i get a 2005 used 450r can i put a electric start on it and how much would it cost if i got it done at a dealer and do u think it can be done because the only...
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    what is the funniest episode of friends?

    I love friends but its kind of getting boring i need a really funny episode to cheer me up.

  19. honda 300ex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    ok just got my new sprocket for my 300ex its the rear procket and its got 1 more tooth then its supposed to will this give me more topend or lower end and how much????/???? mph
  20. honda 300ex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    ok just got my new sprocket for my 300ex its the rear procket and its got 1 more tooth then its supposed to will this give me more topend or lower end and how much????/???? mph
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    Help! Upgrading Computer?? for Gaming??

    right this is currently my setup:
    Mainboard: MSI 915GLM-V (MS:7131
    Chipset:Intel i915GL
    Processor: Intel Celeron D 351J @ 3200mhz
    Memory: 2 x 256 pc3200u (DDR-SDRAM)
    Harddrive: 160GB
    Right i am...
  22. what shop is the best to buy the iphone 3g?

    where would you buy the iphone 3g from?
    o2 or carphone warehouse?
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    honda 300ex quad!!!!!!!!!!?

    ok i have a 1998 300ex should i put $2000 into it and make it fater or hould i just save $1000 more and buy a used raptor 660 pls give best answers
  24. has anyone had any problems with the kawasaki kfx700

    allright ive got the money and i just am not sure if i want a kawasaki because my dad has told me bad things about the older one's but i just love the kfx but i dont know about a kawasaki so i was...
  25. If I resign from my job, what can my current HR manager tell future...

    ...employers when they call? I've made the decision to quit my job after coming to the conclusion that I'm not right for the company and they're not right for me. Partially, I can't help but feel...
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