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  1. Thoughts on how the industry of fitness and nutrition affect the life in the US?

    any ideas or thoughts would be great! Thanks in advance
  2. Would a Kodak USB power adapter work with my iPod or will it just mess it up?

    I recently got a Kodak Camera and it charges via USB, connected to the computer. It also came with a Kodak power adapter, so I can charge the camera via a power outlet as well now. What I'm wondering...
  3. Sandisk Sansa Clip. It has more than 1 GB, has...

    Sandisk Sansa Clip. It has more than 1 GB, has great sound, a small screen, small body, is durable, and it CLIPS! So you can clip it to your clothes and workout and don't have to be holding it,...
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    spring awakening on gossip girl?

    i want a list (first and last name) of all the spring awakening cast that has been on gossip girl please
  5. Google - how do you delete the past searches that come up when you begin to

    type on an Apple Mac Laptop!? on mac not windows or firefox.
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    Ab lounge 2??????????

    How long each day will I have to use the ab lounge 2 in order to get a flat stomach in 7 days Thanks
  7. iPhone help with ringtones and sounds please?

    There is a ring tone on that I really want. But, my iPhone can't receive a sound text message, so I can't receive that ring tone. Is there any possibility of me getting the ring tone?
  8. Is it possible for a diabetic person to get their blood sugar under control and

    not be diabetic anymore? So like:
    A diabetic person with a high blood sugar level exercises and eats the right food and gets their blood sugar under control (like the same level as a non-diabetic...
  9. To the anthropological theorists of the 19th century, this was considered...

    ...the earliest form of religion? A. sun worship
    B. totemism
    C. Judaism
    D.African indigenous religions
  10. how do you burn dvds on your computer? do i need a decrypter?

    keep your opinions to yourself just useable answers will do,
  11. Jashley, Ashper Jaspley, Hope i helped? :)...

    Hope i helped? :)
    answer mine. :D;_ylt=Ag4hS1joIWwqc0AwoB4OhEfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081209171413AAC9M1U
  12. falling in love over the internet...with a slight twist?

    about a year ago i started talking to this guy from myspace over msn
    he isn't a completely mysterious stranger, he lives in the same city and i've met some of his friends in the past so i know what...
  13. polygamy

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    samsung behold- expresso or pink?

    I'm thinking about getting a samsung behold and im not sure wat color to get..espresso[brown] or rose[pink]?
  15. Is there any way to retrieve something recorded on an unfinalized disc?

    My DVD recorder won't finalize anything... I don't want to lose everything I've recorded. Is there any way I can get the things I've recorded onto my computer, or any way I can watch these things on...
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    Can you finalize an almost-full DVD?

    I have about a minute and a half of empty space left on a Maxell DVD-R disc with almost 4 hours of material recorded on it. I recorded it with a Sony DVD recorder and I'm trying to finalize it on the...
  17. RETURN THE DARE ITS JUNK! get the blackberry...

    RETURN THE DARE ITS JUNK! get the blackberry storm when it comes out instead, answer mine please :)
  18. I don't remember the name of this youtube video!?

    It's about this girl and boy that are homeless and living on the street. The girl is pregnant and they both are heroin addicts. The whole video the girl is talking in an accent, I think. Then at the...
  19. disgusting...get a life.

    disgusting...get a life.
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    Name some "butter face" celebs...?

    Like where everything is hot...but his/her face =/
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    Questions about the LG Cu515?

    Okay so i get my up grade this weekend...or my new phone, I was wondering if the LG CU515 is a good phone.i dont really take a whole lot of pictures(well i do but im not gonna try to add them on the...
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    i think its only 10 cents,unless they have gone...

    i think its only 10 cents,unless they have gone up on the text messaging
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    How do I hire someone to adjust my satellite dish? The company itself is out of the question, are there any other types of people that do it?
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    LG Chocolate and Vcast?

    OK, so I really want v-cast because I was reading that you can get like TV on your phone and much does Vcast cost monthly and what all comes with it?? Also, I want to transfer pictures...
  25. Is there an on line gallery of all the wax celebrities at madame tussaud's museum?

    I want to see the Amy Winehouse one also Posh and Becks??
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