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    Skype introduction basics?

    Is Skype ever free
  2. i have 87 3/4 ton truck with a turbo 400 tranny when its cold runs like new as...

    ...soon as it gets warm it slips? Slips
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    Best digital camera for the money?

    I have lately had Fujifilm brand cameras. My Z70 has a black spot on the screen, but works. I think its probably time for another. I had an Olympus years ago, but it broke not too long after buying...
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    brown discharge coming out of my vagina?

    this is pretty embarassing but when i put my finger up the vagina, a lot of brown liquid with little chunks come out, not bloody type, or no smell either...this is the first time it's ever happened,...
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    how can i ask my parents this....?

    Okay so tommorow theres this thing for teens and its a nightclub. and i really really want to go. how can i have my parents say yes?
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    hi!! 1)start the day with milk intake(any...

    1)start the day with milk intake(any flavour u like) with cereal or whole wheat bread sandwich with egg , oats ,an apple or banana
    2) then in the noon,have chicken(u r underweight, so u...
  7. How long do tablet laptops normally last for?

    More specifically, the Lenovo ones.
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    is the movie uninvited good?

    rate the movie 1-10 plz!
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    How can i fix my irregular periods?

    I am 17, had my first period at 13 and so i've had irregular periods for 2 years now and within these last 2 years, i probably got my period about 6 times max, i get it at random times like in 3,4 or...
  10. is it true that you have to pay for a phone card before you can use it?

    i was wondering, if you buy a phone card at a liquor store its usually not scanned, so can the phone card work if u didn't pay for it at all?
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    Hmmm, Alex Gaskarth Orlando Bloom Taylor...

    Alex Gaskarth
    Orlando Bloom
    Taylor Lautner(i liked him before twilight)
    Daren Kagasoff
    Rian Dawson
    Jack Barakat
    Zack Merrick
  12. About how much would it cost to insure a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

    This jeep is a 4.7L V8 in very nice condition. I am a senior a in high school and not yet 18.
  13. What would you generally do in your first hunt seat equitation class?

    On the flat. =)
    ...And if you could also add, what do you need to do to prepare?
  14. What kinds of things do you do in a typical hunt seat equitation class?

  15. gossip girl

    gossip girl
  16. gossip girl

    gossip girl
  17. I think this is just another case of the drivers...

    I think this is just another case of the drivers getting a bad deal because of the organization thinking it is the driver that needs improving instead of the cars. Hopefully some good will come out...
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    do u have a celebrity fixation?

    I do. I'm otherwise a very rational seeming person and no one will imagine I have such childish thoughts. I day dream about meeting them, being one of them etc. etc. This is escapist thinking and I...
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    Fashion advice needed ASAP - Please!?


    I bought two tops from Forever21 and need some fashion advice please!
    I was invited to a family/friends Christmas party and another event is New Year Eve’s party at a club.

    Here are the...
  20. I haven't seen anyone in P.I. riding on one

    I haven't seen anyone in P.I. riding on one
  21. Experts on Mercedes! Help me>> Aux fans won't turn off.?

    My electric auxiliary fans are always on whenever I turn my car on, or even when I turn my key halfway in the ignition. I checked it out and everything seems to be working fine. The relays are fine;...
  22. i am doing an essay about mediation of native americans in hollywood westerns...?

    i just need ideas to go on. thank you in advance.
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    People can't call my house phone. Why?

    Every time someone calls my home phone, it automatically goes to my voice mail thingy
    It doesn't even ring
    I can make calls but people can't call me
    I check the message machine thing and changed...
  24. Kerry talent, no skills, has...

    Kerry talent, no skills, has absolutely no reason at all to be famous as she does bugger all! complete waste of space.
  25. I haven't seen anyone in P.I. riding on one

    I haven't seen anyone in P.I. riding on one
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