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    what android phone to get?

    I need a new phone and have never had a touch screen phone or a smartphone before.

    I want an android phone because there is a way to change the qwerty keyboard for a traditional T9 keyboard, which...
  2. Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the

    Hindu religion? 1. Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion?
    2. What are the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the...
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    LOL you two must be young. I'm gonna agree with...

    LOL you two must be young. I'm gonna agree with TY here.... lol His time of the month. It'll blow over soon unless he's picking more fight/ arguing more then usual... which mean he wants to piss you...
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    Is my car worth keeping? (Ford Fiesta 2003)?

    It's a 2003 Ford Fiesta had from new, not the greatest condition.

    Repairs quoted as 1400 (around $2500) for clutch problems, water pump and cylinder head.

    Is it worth finding the money for...
  5. Looking for Cold Air Intake for a 2.7L V6 Chrysler Sebring. Will the 3.0L CAI fit ?

    Vehicle: 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXi 4Door Sedan 2.7L V6

    When I look for a Cold Air Intake online, the results usually only show for a 3.0L V6. Will this fit the 2.7 V6 engine ? Anyone have any...
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    It's just like politics....a hot topic! And no...

    It's just like politics....a hot topic!
    And no two people will ever agree.
    There will always be something to debate about.
  7. How can I tell which Phase (generation) a certain Subaru engine is ?

    1999 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 4dr sedan, VIN plate says manufactured in June of 1998.
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    Is the Motorola Kraze a good phone?

    Does it have glitches, what things does it do?
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    what is easier to do in a subaru legacy ?

    change a head gasket or a 5 speed trany
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    check your grounds first and your battery...

    check your grounds first and your battery contacts to be clean of that white,then it is 1 of 3 or 4 switches if auto hold your shift in neutral key in start move shift almost to the gear pos if...
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    Big Business AKA Hollywood!?

    I think its interesting that the Hollywood elite make more than the majority of CEOS the studio heads make obscene amouts of money as do the studios and the stars. Where is the media scrutiny on...
  12. I think it's wishful thinking on behalf of the...

    I think it's wishful thinking on behalf of the lefties. What do you consider the forseeable future? The next senate race, next presidential election.......I think you'll find both parties bounce back...
  13. He's a Democrat.

    He's a Democrat.

    I went to a medi-spa a week ago had laser hair removal right away it burned really bad i could smell bacon & eggs! It felt like I was being hit in the face with a belt repeatedly each time the laser...
  15. You have a Hummer go-cart?

    You have a Hummer go-cart?
  16. I'm looking for a new Rear Stabilizer Bar for a 1994 Ford Escort.?

    I'm lookin for a new Rear Stabilizer Bar, I don't care if it's OE or Performance; online stores ? auto stores ?

    Idk what my wife hit but it bent both ends and I'll have to get the bolt kit which...
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    95 Pontiac problem in engine quiting?

    Repair of a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville V-6, 3.8L SSE engine continues to quit, all other electrical A/C etc continues to run, even though no diagnostics can identify. What do you think? The vehicle has...
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    Cell Phone Question - Cingular Wireless?

    I went over my mins (by only 2-3 mins)/txts this month and when I checked my bill online it said "Overage" - 3 M of NA..what does that mean? Does that mean I only went three mins over? Also, how much...
  19. What [NOW] should I check or have checked on my Dodge Neon ? Please answer much as

    you can. Thanks ! Three Main Points:

    (1) I now have 2 Check Engine Light codes: P 0441 and P 0440.
    I would reguarly get the P 0441 and auto stores would say "the top reason is a faulty gas cap,...
  20. I drink 7 Redbulls a day, i cant go without.... god damn ... help....?

    i just have the feeling of no energy.. i've been doing this for over 9 months now.. each day 6 redbulls..

    not only my health, but money.. will i suffer some kind of illness soon if I carry on ?
  21. Are these knockoff true religion jeans and if they are where can I get reall

    true religions for cheap.?
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    '02 chevy camaro grill?

    where can i find a nice chrome grill for a '02 chevy camaro? not cheap plastic thats been painted chrome
  23. In Delaware how long does a roomate have to get their things after moving out?

    After a roomate moves out, how long after telling them to get their things do you have to give them?
  24. Why does this window AC unit keep tripping the house breaker ?

    12,000 BTU Amana brand window air conditioner; on a properly grounded circuit, no other major appliances on circuit; when compressor kicks on the house breaker trips, not the one built onto the cord....
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    What can you tell me about my cat's condition?

    I adopted an older (7 or 8) male cat. He previously had that surgery on his bladder/parts for the kidney/crystal thing. They sent him with a special bag of dry food. I give him bottled water...
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