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  1. Discuss the impacts of continuities and changes in ur macro and micro world?

    Long answer please. Thankyou:)
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    about my cell phone the is signal is not working?

    so i buy a black berry phone with simple mob sim by new jersey and where i live in Virginia there is no signal of phone even the wifi is also not working can any body help me
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    poi was very false i thought. andy and the other...

    poi was very false i thought. andy and the other guy are good, at least they got rid of skye and her awful voice!
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    thankfully no.

    thankfully no.
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    thankfully no.

    thankfully no.
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    What kind of bike should I get?

    I am looking buy a bike to ride to school everyday. I am tall, 6'4", about 200 lbs, and I want to get a bike that will be comfortable (no BMX bikes) and economical. Any Suggestions?
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    When will ufc 92 come out?

    I want to know when the official dvd is gonna come out. That was such a good fight card.
  8. my 6 month old dog has become quite aggressive since being castrated last week.?

    the vet complained that he tried to bite him when he was being examined after his operation, he also seems to be showing alot more dominance.
    he has also started growling if you go near his food...
  9. Where can I buy fresh Chad and Pomfret fish in Cleveland, OH?

    Pomfret may also be called Pompano. These are available, frozen, in South Asian ethnic stores. But, I want to buy them fresh from supemarkets/fresh markets...
  10. Does anyone know of a really good harry potter fan-novel (fanfiction) that...

    ...picks up after deathly hallows? I feel kind of selfish but i wanted alot more out of the ending of deathly hallows.i think it was kind of rushed to put that 19 year gap from the battle to them...
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    How to unlock a LG Voyager?

    I would like to know if there is an unlock code for the LG Voyager. It does not use a SIM card and the person who wants to buy my phone uses another carrier that does not uses SIM card, either.
  12. Where can I find moped-style scooters with top speed 25mph or under?

    Hopefully beside simply the "euro moped" style ones made by Razor mostly for 10-13 year olds that go a measley 15-mph.

    My problem is my tiny (5 foot tall) 25-year-old girlfriend (who was very...
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  14. How do I handle a mother in law who's living with us?

    I have tried everything to get her to gain a life, church, senior citizens activities, inviting neighbors over that are her age, inviting her friends for a visit. She has been here almost 2 years....
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    If I were you I would go for a PA system hybrid....

    If I were you I would go for a PA system hybrid.

    Get 2 sets of TINY powered stereo computer speakers from Radio Shack for the treble (over 1000hz) surround sound channels for about $30.
  16. Maybe the ones right near the surface of the...

    Maybe the ones right near the surface of the strike. The ocean will disperse the lightnings charge pretty quickly.
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    What do i have? Is it the flu?

    -upset stomach
    -green bowel loose movements(dark green)
    -sharp pains in my abdomen
    -lower back pain
    -neck pain
  18. What Is The Perfect Name For Someone With These Qualities?

    I'm writing a book and after you answer this question maybe you could answer my other question: What Is A Good Title For My Book?
    But right now, for one of my characters, I still can not pick the...
  19. How to stop an application from being loaded on iphone?

    I have a unlocked 3G iphone - no use of itunes.
    While an application is loading (free application loaded directly from AppStore), the phone is hanging itself up before the end of the download....
  20. spike sometimes

    spike sometimes
  21. Who or what started Sweetest Day and do you think it will ever become a big holiday?

    It's the most ridiculous holiday after Kwanzaa.
    BTW, the Kwanzaa comment is not a dig at black people; if you research its origins you too will conclude it's ridiculous. It actually started in South...
  22. Unexpected Error: quitting message when opening VB6.exe IDE.?

    Are there any services or start-up items that need to be running to run the development environment? VB6 has worked fine until about a week ago when I optimized the services (reduced the number of...
  23. Hey Please check this...


    Please check this
    Hope you will get answers to your questions.

    J. Mike
  24. I have a motorola razr v3 phone and it has been doing something weird lately.?

    It has that little green square D symbol for Digital service. Why does mine turn red and have the symbols EV in it. It only happens once in a while, and the owners manual doesn't mention anything....
  25. Do females agree attractive male celebrities often aren't in great physical shape?

    I guess it depends on how you think of it.

    Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline, George name a few.

    They look aggressive, they have the confidence and jawlines...but, far as...
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