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  1. Has anybody seen the blue ray ending of Carrie yet?

    I just watched it and I don't know what to think about the ending does this mean Carrie is still alive? Or is she being reincarnated as Sue's kid?
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    WHAT IS GOOGLE??????????????????

  3. PoLL: When your microwave finishes cooking, will the beeping continue for

    eternity if you don't stop it?
    @Zzz are you going to do your Miley Cyrus impersonation?
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    Had a dream about someone I've never met?

    So last night I had a dream where me and my friends went to get a tattoo as soon as I seen the man I was smitten we ended up being a couple and falling in love and he was awesome the only problem is...
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    Poll: Where have you travelled before?

    I've only been to New Zealand before.
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    how to hide messages in sonyericsson w910?

    pls help me out..ppl read my private stuuff..i will have to sell my mob otherwise:S:S:S
  7. how do i get music from my computer to my samsung A551?

    im trying to get music from my computer to my samsung A551 Help!! Please
  8. Ferret wont stop scratching the bottom of his cage?

    We use cat litter in there obviously for the smell.But that's what I have at the bottom of the cage for him. The passed few nights in my room have been quiet and he was in the next room over, he was...
  9. Pictures of celebritys with different style bangs ?

    I'm looking for either side swept or face ones that can be brushed to the side but I don't like them really chunky.
  10. I'm liking the person who said Victorias Secret....

    I'm liking the person who said Victorias Secret.
    I'd go with a cute plain tshirt with a zip up hoodie over it, but you can easily take it off if it gets hot with capri sweats from VS.

    Or go with...
  11. Would you be mad if a guy that drives a BMW took you on date to McDonalds?

    A guy that likes me asked me out on a date, he has a bmw paid off but took me to McDonald's. I got dressed up all nice anticipating a nice restaurant but he was wearing a raggy corona beer t shirt &...
  12. If it comes wear a tampon when you go swimming.

    If it comes wear a tampon when you go swimming.
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    Jabra Bluetooth headset?

    I have a Jabra Bluetooth headset. and I have no way how to sync it to my cellphone.I don't know how to do it.. Please help..!
  14. what would you do?? if your friend did this?

    what would you do?? if your friend did this?
    ok so the other day me and my friends went on a field trip. my firend hooked up with this guy on the bus and on the way back they started making out and...
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    asked out on myspace is that bad?

    the guy i really like just asked me out on myspace is that bad if a guy asks you out on myspace is that bad
  16. where are my temp internet files, why won't they save?

    I'm going insane! last time i checked my temp internet files it showed every site I had visited, date I viewed it etc. now when I go to view it, it is empty! I have tried everything to fix this but...
  17. How much should i charge for postage on a ps2 on ebay?

    I am selling a ps2 on ebay it comes with everything, any idea on how much i should charge for postage? as it is a real big box but i wanna ship via the cheapest price possible.
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    Can someone run a CARFAX please?

    Want to buy this car, but it has a salvaged title, would like to know a little more info. If your one of the people or dealers that pays for then by the month, please help me out. Thank You
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    Ipod Applications Question?

    i bought an app from itunes on my computer. I need to know how to acess the apps from my ipod touch. thanks =]
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    snakehead fish information?

    umm so ive heard about the snakehead fish and are they dangerous?* wats good info about them? wat states are they in?
  21. Do alot of people still use the ps2 online network adapter?

    I see they sell for an average of $65 on ebay, more then the unit itself, why is that?
    can the ps2 network adapter be used on a ps3?
  22. Are you surprised that the Lakers beat the Celtics?

    I live in vegas & the celtics were favored by 7 points to win tonight so i bet against the Lakers & i got burned. Without Andrew Bynum i thought the lakers would get owned but wow i was really...
  23. I think the best thing you can do to really prove...

    I think the best thing you can do to really prove to them that you want it, besides writing a should show them your work!

    because a paper you wrote can be all talk, and it doesnt...
  24. Do you think it would be wrong for Mike Piazza to go in hall of fame as a Met...

    ...instead of a Dodger? Lets be real if the dodgers wouldent have thrown him a bone & drafted him he probably wouldent have ever played mlb, he'd probably be tossing pizza's @ little cesars or...
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    Which car audio system is louder?

    I have 2 15" Kicker L5s in a ported box with a Planet Audio VX2250, which is 2200 watts. Would 3 JL Audio 12w6v1 be louder? With the same amp.
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