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    Here is a riddle for you?

    essential to life, what can you hold but never touch?
  2. 10 points for whoever can name all the apps in this iPhone commercial?

    Can someone please tell me all the apps? Thanks! Here's the link
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    Would you buy a Suzuki?

    I found a low mileage Suzuki Forenza for dirt cheap but worried about Suzuki leaving the US shores.

    So how would I be able to find parts or do any repairs?????
  4. I want to watch the Blackhawks but DirecTV says I'm not subscribed?

    I live in Chicago in a student housing building and they have directv boxes in every "apartment". I watched 2 Chicago Blackhawks games about 2 or 3 weeks ago on Comcast SportsNet (channel 665) and I...
  5. Who is on the cover of Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy?

    I have read it and I don't know who it is.
  6. I got new boyfriend and we made love as a first time. Do you guys think he...

    ...will lose interest to me after sex? i am 18. this is my first relationship.
    i met with lots of player types guys.
    so i am just worried he is one of this type of guys.
  7. Is internet considered a utility bill (i.e. Verizon internet & landline bill)?

    I am applying for a student visa to India and need one as a 'proof of residence' because I am a college student who is currently subletting an apartment and am not on the lease.
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    What is wrong with my Dodge Intrepid?

    I own a 1997 dodge intrepid, recently i was driving it down a highway and i heard a sound under the hood, ever since i heard that sound the transmission or gear shifting has been messed up, sometimes...
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    Can't tie a fly fishing knot?


    I just bought my very first rod. The backling line had already come attached to the fly line (I bought a prepackaged rod).

    But I spent the better part of the night trying to tie the fly...
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    Bluetooth Laptop + PS3?

    I have a Toshiba laptop that has bluetooth is there any way I can get my laptop to emulate a PS3 controller or use my laptop keyboard as a keyboard for my PS3 ?
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    Control PS3 with Laptop?

    I have a Toshiba laptop that has bluetooth is there any way I can get my laptop to emulate a PS3 controller or use my laptop keyboard as a keyboard for my PS3 ?
  12. that will depend on a few factors. mainly what is...

    that will depend on a few factors. mainly what is the speed of the connection you will be using?
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    is it bad to copy a poem over the internet?

    as everyone knows next weeks valentines day and well i was gonna give her a card with something on it and a poem. is it bad if i just find a poem on the internet and just copy it? or just write one...
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    Applications on the iphone?

    What are the best applications on the iphone in your oppion.... give me your best 10
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    My friend has taken 420mg of prozac?

    Ok my friend has just owned up to taking 420mg of prozac 4 days ago she had no symptoms so obviously left it at that. What worries me she has had the doctor out today because she has tonsilitis and a...
  16. 'Jewish dominated' hollywood was not much help in...

    'Jewish dominated' hollywood was not much help in changing US opinion during WW2.
    Very few Jewish refugees were allowed into the US prior to the Holocaust.
  17. what are pba's? what are theses pba's satellite academy is talking about?

    i want 2 attend satellite academy.... but they mentioned something about completing pba's, and idk what that is.

    can someone tell me plz?
  18. What should i do were going out tomorrow but she has a internet boy friend ?

    Hey yahoo answers ... I'm going to tell you all a little story and i just want to know what you think. tomorrow i am taking a girl that i like ice skating just as friends i guess... or a date ......
  19. why does ref at mma dream wear a back pack during the match and what's in it?

    what the hell? he got first aid in there or something?
    or is he a student of somekind with books in em.
  20. Yeah you can get in trouble but there are so many...

    Yeah you can get in trouble but there are so many people that do it. I'm not saying you should but I know people that get away with it all the time.

    Just be careful man! Happy new year!
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    dude are you crazy? School. The fact that...

    dude are you crazy?


    The fact that you are *considering* this is alarming. ALARMING.

    Man if I was your friend in person I'd take you out for drinks so we could talk this out and just...
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    How do I set a ringtone on the iPhone?

    I have added the songs to the iphone (its in the right format - i used garage band). Its in my ringtone section, when it is plugged in on itunes, I just cant find it on my phone. How do i set it?
  23. Just take the tag and ask them to scan and tell...

    Just take the tag and ask them to scan and tell you the current price. You do not need to bring the item back. Most (all) items that are identical have the same UPC number so they do not have any way...
  24. How do I attach the postive wire to a new battery for my Hyundai Elantra 2003?

    I removed my old battery, took it to the store. They looked up the new battery that I needed and I turned my old one in to be recycled. Upon trying to install the battery at home, I found out that...
  25. problems with connecting to the internet with an Ipod touch 32 gig 2nd gen?

    G'day all. went out and bought a Ipod touch and a new router for Christmas today and i got home configured the router so the wireless is up and running for my laptop, but the ipod wont connect...
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