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    List of Strategy war games on Android?

    Im looking for more of games that are choose your own adventure types particular based on WW2-Vietnam similar to the game called Marine Raider on Android
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    Dell Inspiron laptop CD/DVD drive not detected?

    It randomly stopped being detected. I tried uninstalling, restarting, and then installing it and it says it wasn't successfully installed. I tried updating, it says I'm at the latest update. I tried...
  3. if i download porn through limewire, will x3 watch pick it up?

    my macbook pro has x3 watch installed on it. if i download porn through limewire will x3 watch recognize it and notify my accountability partners?
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    Skyrim xbox 360 how to make money fast?

    Ok so a while back i killed Lydia because she wouldn't leave my house (i don't know why i cared) anyway i felt bad and reloaded back to a save where i was a level 12 where she was still alive and i...
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    5.1ch vs stereo for music?

    I have a RCA surround sound system, i normally use it for music (Heavy Metal and Metalcore) which would be a better setting 5.1ch or Stereo?
  6. Need help identifying Fuji motor from polaris snowmobile?

    Number on the engine is EC680PL00123444

    Can't find anything on it on google.
    Just picked up a wrecked sled but the engine is good and looks like it'll work in my 93 XLT but doesn't appear to be...
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    Htc evo 4g or motorola droid x?

    Which phone is better
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    2004 Honda Element Odometer is dark?

    Only the odometer is dart, the rest of the lights on the dash are fine. Is it a bulb? How do I replace it? No owner's manual with the vehicle. Thanks.
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    yes u need a wii lan adapter. tha book says on pg...

    yes u need a wii lan adapter. tha book says on pg 61 in channels and settings. broadband internet line, wired router,wii lan adapter, and then wii console.
  10. You can't be serious. Who cares about the sex? No...

    You can't be serious. Who cares about the sex? No sex is worth a racist hitting you. Its your life, do whatever you want. Be honestly you should be jumping for joy that this marriage is about to end.
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    my LG Dare screen is frozen!! HELP?

    i just got my new lg dare yesterday, and i used it so much that it drained all the power (i didnt charge yet)
    so when i plugged it into the wall, the lg logo popped up and stayed like that, now ive...
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    what is loyalty messaging?

    its part of my new contract/plan for telus, and i dont know what it means...HELP PLEASE
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    That depends on what state or country you are in....

    That depends on what state or country you are in. You have to look up license laws in your area.
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    i need some braces help??

    im getting braces month and was just wondering around how many appointments i will have before i get my braces? and how long do they take ? thank you
  15. i was want to buy a bike for 500 of ebay. I was wondering if 500 per...

    ...month was the paypal limit.? i was wondering about this as i have already spent some money with paypal this month. So i just wanted to know will i stiil be able to buy this item this month? thanks
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    Dressing for New Orleans business trip....?

    I leave on Sunday for a business casual dress business trip to New Orleans. I need help with my wardrobe. First, I am planning on packing several sleeveless items. Would this be appropriate for the...
  17. Can Someone Please Help Me Setup Internet Im Desperate!!!?

    I have two computers in my house. 1 is in the family room and that one is connected with a wire. The other is in my room and it has a wireless connection. The one in my room currently works. The only...
  18. Can Someone Please Help Me Setup My Internet!!!!?

    Ive been trying to get it connected for like ever. Nothing ever works please i really need that computer someone message me please.
  19. You have 72 hours to take the pill for it to be...

    You have 72 hours to take the pill for it to be effective. You can get them at a pharmacy with photo ID if you are over 18. It costs about $35. It is a short series of pills and it will have...
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    I have met all but Palin in person. My work...

    I have met all but Palin in person. My work involves politics but I am on maternity leave right now so I have yet to meet the new candidate.

    I met Obama 18 months ago while he was on a trip to...
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    Hahah... who is the celebrity now!?!

    Hahah... who is the celebrity now!?!
  22. Is there such a thing as brushing your teeth too often?

    Can brushing your teeth more than a certain number of times per day be damaging to your enamel?
  23. future business like a juke box that saves peoples song requests

    If the world were a perfect place what business would you want and what kinf of sotware would you use.
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    Looking to join the travel business?

    Need a vacation we have the most sought after vacation destinations world wide at unbelievable rates visit

    Independent Associates Needed
  25. Who opened for BnL at Keller aud. in Portland OR in the mid-late 1990's?

    I went to the awesome show but forgot who opened! Was it five for fighting? thanks
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