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  1. I have a 2007 yamaha r6s, i was riding and upon switching gears my back wheel locked

    up. why? this caused me to go down really hard and it is my first time with an accident with my bike so im a little nervous the back wheel just locked causing me into a fish tale which lead to me...
  2. Why is the Corvette ZR1 slower in the 1/4 mile and top speed than the Ford GT even

    though it has more power? What makes the Corvette ZR1 slower in the 1/4 mile than the Ford GT even though the ZR1 has almost 100 more horsepower?
    The other thing is that the ZR1 has 160hp more than...
  3. which do you prefer ? Records , CD's , or Ipods ?

    The heck with Cassettes and 8 -Tracks.

    Which do you prefer ?
    A big black round vinyl disc
    A little around silver plastic disc
    or a small rectangle shapped thing with a screen on it that holds...
  4. do you think DVD's / Blu-Ray discs will become extinct in the near future ?

    How about movies on a Ipod ? All of your DVD's on a Ipod. That's probably the next thing going to happen.

    MUSIC :
    I heard CD's are becoming extinct. Now , I know why I haven't been seeing many CD...
  5. david beckham orlando bloom gerard way heath...

    david beckham
    orlando bloom
    gerard way
    heath ledger
    johnny depp
  6. What we have here is a flawed premise. That is...

    What we have here is a flawed premise. That is not what the big bang theory says.
  7. How badly will the new Nissan GTR V-Spec beat the Corvette ZR1 in the 1/4 mile?

    The ZR1 is out already and does the 1/4 mile in 11.3 seconds.
    The regular GTR does 1/4 mile in 11.7 seconds(some magazines have it as low as 11.5). The GTR V-Spec will weigh 330 lbs less and have...
  8. Legal to use Google Maps or Yahoo Maps in iPhone Application?

    I need to know whether or not it violates Yahoo Maps TOS or Google Maps TOS to use either of their Maps API in an iPhone application that is not free. The application will be selling for a few...
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    Why does Isreal kill Red Cross Truck Drivers?

    Are people now going to start calling the Red Cross a Terrorist Organization just because Isreal is now starting to kill their personal?
    Isn't this proof that Israel's war is NOT just against Hamas,...
  10. Do iphone contacts get restored after updating firmware?

    hi my friend has a very old 1.1.2 iphone and wants to update to 2.2 with my computer..i remember txt and contacts still remain there after updating..I backed up the phone on my computer and looks...
  11. people that work for verizon, at&t and, tmobile?

    email me cause i want to talk to you about about switching plans canecelling plans and getting a sidekick!


    [email protected]
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    My sims2 holiday edition? Easy 10 points!!!?

    Okay now ive got all the sims and i just found my old sims2 holiday edition. I put the disc in hoping to be able to add the extra items in but a pop up just came up and said Please insert the correct...
  13. I have the sim2 but i recently found my sims2 holiday edition. Can I add that onto... recent sims? I dont want to unistall it though?
    When i insert the disc it just tells me I have the wrong disc..
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    yes you can thats what i did but only using my...

    yes you can thats what i did but only using my cell phone as a modem connected via usb...first connect to the internet via usb and your modem..then connect you xbox 360 to your comouter..if you go to...
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    Ipod Stuck On 'Connected Screen'?

    Okay, i have a 120GB Ipod Classic, and i connected it to my computer, then disconnected it, and now it's stuck on the 'connected' screen, and is frozen. what can i do?
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    Can i Still Unlock My 2.2 iphone 3g?

    Ok so i installed 2.2 via itunes updater, but i just remembered im going to go to mexico and want to be able to use my phone over there with their networks..will i still be able to soft unlock?..I...
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    iPhone Apps Updates Not working!!!!?

    is it just me or are the updates not working properly? I went to app store on my phone and clicked updates and it gave me a connection i updated my phone to the newest firmware 2.2 that...
  18. Can you name a site where I can get easy and fast info about history of...

    ...internet, computers, hard wares, SOFTW? I would have asked for it directly, but it would be too long.
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    Why do we have to use politics?

    Need answer for project.
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    DirecTV Free upgrades? Upgrading receivers?

    Hi i have had direcTV service for about 6 years now and have two receivers one of them does not work..and the other ones remote is all taped up lol....did not really pay much attention to the issue...
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    Restored iphone but cannot restore to backup?

    I restored my iphone which I have done a few times before. I always had the option to restore my phone with backups. Now this time it doesn't give me the option to restore. It brings me straight to...
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    Unlocked Iphone Restored?

    I restored my iphone after unlocking it a few months ago. I wanted to fix something. Anyway, now it gets stuck in recovery mode, or it gets stuck at the ATT verification. I dont have my old info, so...
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    What kind of SIM do I use for my iPhone?

    I unlocked my phone months ago and have been using a tmobile one. I get bad signal here and there. I read that its probably due to the type of sim card I got from the store. I just asked for a SIM,...
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    HELP how do i get rid of plantar warts?

    i have lots of plantar warts on the bottoms of my feet. i have to start swimming soon and i dont want people to see them. how do i get rid of them? im too embarrassed to buy ointment at the chemist...
  25. How method does Windows Media Player use to rip to MP3?

    I can only select, MP3, WAV, or WMA and the bitrates. But does it rip as stereo, joint stereo, or forced joint stereo (these options are available in Winamp, but Winamp rips so slowly compared to...
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