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    Was my girlfriend serious or joking?

    I asked her when she worked Friday and she told me. I said I will be taking you out to dinner if you accept. She said I'll have to check my schedule butI might be able to fit you in

    Was she...
  2. Without a picture what kind of ethinic background would you say this person has?

    She has dark brown to black hair
    Dark brown eyes
    Olive skinned, dark enough to tan, light enough to have a couple of freckles, just on her cheeks,and across her nose. Never sunburns.
    Larger eyes,...
  3. do you ever consider talking with someone stupid?

    if they are not criminals,but they are of other races or nationalities? do you ever get negative feed back or reactions from the people around you accusing you with "you have problems talking...
  4. Where can i buy the Dragon Ball Z Box Set (Volumes 1-26) paperback for under $300?

    I have been looking, but have not found one for a decent price, even under $200 would be nice.
  5. My android phone is not letting me use certain apps that ive always used?

    Facebook and the play store don't work and I tried to go on snapchat and it says Google Play services, which some of your applications rely on, is not supported by your device. Please contact the...
  6. Why does my Ex gf ask to sleepover and cuddle but tells other ppl she

    needs a cuddle buddy?!? Me and my exgf broke up about a week ago we only went out a month and a half and were 20 we never had sex or oral and shes slept over my house like 7 times and 1 time after...
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    im confused about weight classes in mma or ufc?

    it says george st-pierre fights at welterweight but comes in fights weighting 170 lbs
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    Is there any way to make my xbox get rrod?

    it is having lag issues and my warranty is done.
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    How do i remove a screen protector?

    I have just bought the new HTC Touch Diamond. I put the screen protector on that they provide you with. It has come out with bubbles and a few marks on the other side. I want to try and get this one...
  10. i like to "fist pump" like Michael Jordan when I rip out a loud fart, I am a...

    ...married guy in my mid 30's and? have a graduate degree and earn over 200k a year and have 2 kids. are a lot of guys that may appear to be in a more mature state of life, relish in acting like a...
  11. When I was young, there was a show with a guy who went into the woods with a...

    ...backpack and sat on a rock? I think he told a story or something, i cant remember how it went. It had to be in the late 80's or early 90's. I cant find anything on this
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    What day is your trash pick up?

    What times does it have to be out? Mine has to be out by 7a,
    If you live in an apartment or a dorm. Don't bother answering this question. If you live in the country and you burn your trash.
  13. What do you think dancing will be like in the future?

    Do you think it could revert back from grinding to less sexy dancing? I don't think it could because it would all look tame in comparison. But could dancing get even sexier than it already is? That...
  14. Those calorie measurements are suspect at best. ...

    Those calorie measurements are suspect at best. If you do the bike at home are you significantly more tired and challenged than at the gym? If the answer is no then one of the calorie...
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    Should I get a new car?

    I currently am driving a 1997 Chevy Lumina. It only has 107,xxx miles on it, but it has some problems. I've already put $2000 into this car since I bought it 2 years ago, and it's current problems...
  16. You should check out the books written by Johnny...

    You should check out the books written by Johnny Twofeathers, what an eye opener. Sorry can't remember the name of the book just the author
  17. MYOB Business Basics How to Record Travelling expenses?

    I am using MYOB Business Basics and am unsure how to record travelling expenses - should I record it under spend money? Also how would I then record reimbursement to myself from the company account...
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    Windows Genuine help.?

    I have the original windows XP home edition, but i'm only allowed to use it 2 times. I recently had trouble with my computer and had format it about 3 times, so i cannot use my genuine windows disc...
  19. go to the nearest parts store... I would...

    go to the nearest parts store... I would recommend auto value but you can use whatever you want and just ask them for an air filter and tell them what car you have the year and what not and they will...
  20. 90km/h = 25 m/s KE = 1/2 mv^2 = 1/2 x 925 x...

    90km/h = 25 m/s

    KE = 1/2 mv^2
    = 1/2 x 925 x 25^2
    = 289062.5 J
    = 289 kJ
  21. What is the best smartphone I could get besides the iPhone?

    Company and model please. Based on amount of features, internet, battery life, and audio space what phone would fit best?
    AT&T phones only please
  22. 21? definitely not, so you'll be 31 when you...

    21? definitely not, so you'll be 31 when you complete your training, you still got time after that.
  23. 21? definitely not, so you'll be 31 when you...

    21? definitely not, so you'll be 31 when you complete your training, you still got time after that.
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    What should i eat to become healthier?

    I am 95 pounds and im only 10 years old! What should i eat to become healthier,skinnier,and let me have better endurance/stamina?
  25. Children's TV show with a character called Molly and someone who looks

    like this guy.? Ok, I appreciate this is a very obscure question but it's really, really bugging me now.

    I've just seen this guy in a film:...
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