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  1. Does any one know a free way of learning french by the internet?

    i want to learn french
  2. Which one is better the Xbox 360 or the PS3?

    I need to know because my cousin can't decide can you tell me the pro and the con's (if you can)
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    AT&T Sony Ericsson + Blue Box with an "H." ?

    I have a brand new (p.o.s.) Sony Ericsson, and starting last night some time, a light blue box with a capital H appeared on the top, left hand corner of my screen. Since then, I can't send ANY text...
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    Verizon and the Voyager is a txtn phone with a...

    Verizon and the Voyager is a txtn phone with a touch screen now for about $130
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    Genoa Jaguars-Cross Country?

    I was wondering how i were to sign up for Cross Country at Genoa Middle School in Ohio.. If you go to my school, plz help me. I just want to know when and where to sign up or try out
  6. yes, Verizon will let you upgrade prior to your...

    yes, Verizon will let you upgrade prior to your contract being up. Sometimes it is more than a month ahead. If you log into your Verizon account online, it should tell you if you are eligible for...
  7. New look have the wet look leggings in loadsa...

    New look have the wet look leggings in loadsa colours,they got a nice purlpe(also in black)boob tube dress/top its got silver jewel button type things down the front av a look on web site i think its...
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    DEFINITELY! Hamsters like to cuddle up, in a...

    Hamsters like to cuddle up, in a cozy spot where they are hidden. I always got a little wooden house they sell at most pet shops. Load it up with cotton or bedding fluff and you will...
  9. Well of course...i have a few this year my math...

    Well of course...i have a few
    this year my math teacher, Snyder, sucks, she is a good person but a terrible sience and math teacher last year my math and science teachers were the best math and...
  10. can u turn in an old ipod touch for a discounted new generation one?

    i just bought my old one but the new generation has the speaker that i was trying to get when i first purchased my ipod- is there a way to return mine for the new one?
  11. How can I convince my mom to let me go to school on the internet?

    I really, really want to go to school online.
    I'm in the 9th grade and I turn 15 in February.
    If you could give me the pros and cons of going to online school, that would be nice.
    Any other tips...
  12. i walk over and yell "gosh darn you to heck! shut...

    i walk over and yell "gosh darn you to heck! shut up!" XD
  13. Phone clicking during conversations with friends. What is going on?

    I was on my home phone to a friend two days ago and we both heard a click on the phone about an hour into the conversation. The same thing happened when I was on my mobile today.

    What is that...
  14. Is anyone else annoyed that ATT calims to be a GREEN company yet waste...

    ...more paper than any other company? They want their customers to go paperless in billing, they claim they are a green thinking company and promote all their "greeness".
    Yet every day my mail is...
  15. I had bleeding for a week only when I have a bowel movement.?

    So I went to the doctor. He said it was hemorrhoids and gave me proctosol-HC 2.5%, that is a cream to put in my anus. I have used it just like he said and it has been four days since then. I am...
  16. What is the right spark plug wire placement for a 98 Honda Civic EX?

    The car won't start and I was told that could be the problem... I bought new wires, but someone else took the old ones out and didn't take note of where the new ones should be placed. Anyone know of...
  17. My Step Son's Step father is listed as father on Documents?

    My husband and I now have custody of his son. As we are trying to get through all the paperwork and get all his records transferred for his new school, Doctor, Dentist, etc... We have found out that...
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  19. my Internet explorer wont load what could be the problem?

    i click on Internet explorer and it begins to load and then just freezes and wont respond sometime it just does nothing as if i didnt even click on it
  20. In this poem What do the harness bells symbolize?

    Whose woods these are I think I know.
    His house is in the village, though;
    He will not see me stopping here
    To watch his woods fill up with snow.

    My little horse must think it queer
    To stop...
  21. usually under 2 weeks. I think 1800contacts sent...

    usually under 2 weeks. I think 1800contacts sent me mine in less than a week.
  22. does anyone know what the song is for the jazz honda car ad?

    the latest one where it says "jazz comes to town"

    and almost near the end a song begins to play.
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    Am i legal to drive my boyfriends car?

    I have a valid drivers license and his car is insured. but do I need to be on the insurence to drive it legally?
  24. Please answer this if your a doctor or have good medical knowledge...?

    I am off the contraceptive pill almost 11 months now, yet still no sign of a this normal?? other girls i have spoken to have got their period within few months of coming off the pill, so...
  25. any tips on how to stop my puppy whining? i will end up bringin him back if he...

    ...doesnt stop. ? it gets bad especially at night when he is left to sleep in the other room,
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