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    Should President Barry Soetoro resign?
  2. Audio books lovers! What mp3 player can fast forward to any place inside a

    track? Cannot find one.? Please advise what mp3 players have fast forward function that enables you to go to any place in a track. This function is especially crucial for listening to audio books....
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    Help with car finance in the USA?

    Hi me and my wife are moving to the usa in june and we have been told our credit score in the uk will not follow us to the usa so how hard will it to be to get a car loan when we move and how long...
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    Sorry but I don't think you can play ps2 games on...

    Sorry but I don't think you can play ps2 games on a 20gb, I think it's only available for 60 and 80 giga bytes.
  5. I have a 97 acura intergra and i want blue lights. do i need just bulbs or a

    whole new light system? im trynna put blue lights or colored head lights on my acura intergra how do i go about gettin these lights?
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    yorkie or palmaranian dogs for cheap?

    ok to all those ppl. i am not broke, due to christmas shopping sorta kinda missed th last item on my list. im trying to find a yorkie or a palmaranian for a reasonable price. some one please help,...
  7. i live in uk can i call on mobile phones for free form the internet and how? in uk?

    i want to call on mobile phones in uk for free from the internet help me please?
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    How can I ask my gf to have sex?

    I don't think she will mind but I dunno how to ask. And do I needa booka hotel room and stuff? Condoms? or what?
  9. can i call india free from the internet and how?

    i want to call india free please help me
  10. how do you repair or replace a 1993 chrysler lebaron heater core?

    i have a 1993 chrysler lebaron coupe convertible it always smells like anti freeze and when you turn the heat on you can smell it pretty strong i am going to school to be a mechanic now but ive just...
  11. if you could bring one celebrity to your house, who would it be?

    i would have to say paris hilton, lol
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    how to earn money on internet ?

    hey friend .i want to earn money on internet because i want to buy a ps3 .but i have not enough money.and my father dont gave me money for this please help me.i shell be thankfull to you
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    what KIND of cellphone do you have?

    right now i have a razor, i miss my sidekick!! =[
  14. Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune which of them would you stay if

    they were just like earth? i choose uranus!
  15. How do I get music on my walkman slider phone (W580i) that's not from a C.D.?

    I got music on my phone from C.D.'s but I also have iTunes and I want the music from my iTunes Library on my Sony Ericsson Media Library.
  16. if a stranger comes to you and ask you if your gay/les would you lie or tell the

    truth? what would you do?

    i would tell the truth.
  17. How do I get music on my walkman slider(W508i) without the memory card and software?

    My phone didn't come with any software.Is the memory stick the same as the memory card?
  18. would you rather travel to the future or to the past? or just stay in the present? ?

    for me i would have to say, i want to just stay in the present and let my life just play its role, im not gonna try to go back to the past and change something because i believe everything happens...
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    Can i burn .mpg movies straight to a dvd?

    i used TMPGEnc 4 express and encoded from .avi to .mpg and now im wondering if i can burn the .mpg movie straigh to a dvd+r??


    or do i need to convert??
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    burning avi movies to dvd?

    well im not sure if im doing this right?

    im using WinAvi video converter to make it into dvd format.
    then i use nero 8 to burn it onto a dvd..

    u can see the movie well but it stop alot??
  21. I just found 3 kittens in my garage, please help!?

    Okay, well it's parents are nowhere in sight. I feed it's father constantly. It's mom is VERY young i'm suprised she was able to give birth. Anyways, It's VERY hot outside, I took them in.. they are...
  22. Thread: Lunch???????????

    by Romeo


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    norton internet security 07?

    i lost my product key and i did not create an account with norton.
    is their any way that i can find the product key? plz help me
  24. I have a question can anybody help me please?

    What kinds of products generate revenue for EA Electronic Arts?
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