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  1. Battery Draining Issue on blackberry Bold?

    So I noticed the other week that my phone would drain quickly and always cut out when in its holster and it would take several battery pulls to re-start. After a bit more of the same hassle as well...
  2. Where should I start a car audio/ custom shop at?

    Im very interested in starting my own car audio installation and custom shop, if you have any kind of information i could read that would be helpful, Where would a good location be, and what are the...
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    Is Nostradamus a credible source? 2012?

    Is nostradmus an actual source of true information...i read a couple of his predictions and they are kinda true (Hister/hitler)...but i mean he wrote thousands of them so i mean you gotta get one...
  4. Mine has a steering wheel.

    Mine has a steering wheel.
  5. Its just a simple form to fill... go to...

    Its just a simple form to fill... go to and register from there and buy an iphone dev license.
  6. Would you consider a game console that was bought was given money to be a gift

    or an expense? Just curious if you bought a game console and the money was given to you would you look at it as an expense that you could have used that money for something else or as a gift?
  7. Ipod vs. bluetooth headset as a show off type gadget.?

    So which do you think is a a better showoff gadget? I carry my new ipod around with pride while many others carry around a bluetooth headset. In my opinion an ipod tells people that not only do you...
  8. Can you buy an iPhone 3g with no contract and still use it?

    I need to know
  9. Can I tap into my cell phone's Internet connection on my computer's web

    browser, through a USB connection? I have a Sony Ericsson TM506 on T-Mobile. There's all sorts of cool little features this thing has, and I have noticed a few things regarding local connectivity and...
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    At&t quickfire qwerty keyboard backlight?

    Does anyone elses quickfire's qwerty keyboard look a bit dimmer throughout the middle keys but bright at the ends (as in the keys: A, CAP, DEL, and Enter button)???
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    Wireless internet question, Linksys?

    I just found an old Linksys wireless G PCI Adapter in a box in my room. I was wondering if I could use this to connect to any wireless connection or just wireless connections to other linksys routers?
  12. Why does my computer restart when using torrent programs?

    My computer used to get a bluescreen and restart every time I used bitcoment, I switched to uTorrent and It worked fine, but when I restarted my computer (Its been on for months) I got the same...
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    how to clean hard drive?

    i bought a computer from a collage kid for my daughter. before i give it to her i want to wipe the hard drive clean. i have the recovery disc but don't know how to continue
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    Are early 2000 Nissan Maximas reliable?

    I tend to like the shape of the older Nissan Maximas and not financially prepared for a brand new one anyways, so I was wondering if the ones in the early 2000 or even late 90's are reliable.
  15. Anybody having trouble with the battery life of the LG enV2?

    The past couple weeks, all of the sudden, I'll have the phone fully charged at night and then the next morning when I wake up and look at the screen, the battery will show 3 bars instead of the 4. It...
  16. Loudest most offensive PORN torrent you know?

    So I'm gonna make a cd with about 6 mins of silence followed by the most offensive loudest dirtiest porn sounds imaginable and station a friend in walmart with a camera. Put the cd in, crank it...
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    You need something to up your calorie intake. ...

    You need something to up your calorie intake. And start taking vitamins. With a diet like that your depriving your body of necessary nutrition.
  18. Not noisy at all. Some people swear by them. It...

    Not noisy at all. Some people swear by them. It depends on how large the room and how cold it gets in your area. That and drafts from doors and windows.

    Once when a child we had a similar thing...
  19. Just bought a Memory Stick Pro Duo for PSP... MagicGate support: unknown?

    PSP says that the Memory Stick MagicGate support is unknown. I had a feeling that my Stick might be fake (shipped from Hong Kong through eBay) but the PSP does confirm the 4GB capacity. What is wrong...
  20. Does running and doing lunges improve knee, calf, and thigh muscle strength?

    My legs are quite weak, so that's what I've been wondering.
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    If the internet was not here for you to ask this...

    If the internet was not here for you to ask this question, then you would be one of them people who stands on the road side with a placard with your questions on it, and if your question was not...
  22. Obviously you haven't read the book at all. If...

    Obviously you haven't read the book at all. If you would read it it would be blatantly clear to you.
  23. Why do other countries believe they should also be given control of the internet

    DNS Servers? Okay, this DNS Servers, that control the entire internet.
    Is owned by the united states government.

    Other countries believe they should be given control of them to...Why?
    We made...
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    PS 1 or 2 Fishing games ?

    I have got Championship Bass on PS 1 and Lake Master EX on PS 2, and have been told that there is a sea fishing one but no on knows the name of it. Do you know of any others that are not about Bass,...
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    Db of average car horn?

    I didnt know where to look for it......

    how many Db's is your average everyday car horn????
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