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    bitcoin questions need help?

    I heard about it and what is it and i see people became very rich off it how?
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    bitcoin questions need help?

    I heard about it and what is it and i see people became very rich off it how?
  3. What is the best video file format (I want to watch on my android...

    ...tablet)to convert a dvd to? So i have some dvd's i want backed not worried about file size, i strictly just want the movie from my dvd's, because im sure it will be smaller than copying the...
  4. Can I run a GPO MSI Install in conjunction with a startup script OCT (MSP) install?

    In other words, what would happen if I run a GPO software install for Office 2007 using the Office 2007 MSI file which works along with the poorly customized config.xml file but then also specify a...
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    How to crash a file on your computer?

    ok, i created a password code for and I would like to program it to where if some1 uses the wrong pass 3 times it will crash the file.
  6. i want to know the price of house for sale in america?

    can you tell me some information about the housing in US, in some cities as new york, san franscisco, and washinton and so on
    i found some very cheap in yahoo real estate, is it real or what?
  7. Compare and Contrast a PDa phone & a SmartPhone?

    what is the difference between a pda and a smartphone...what are the similarrities
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    What can i add to my Peugeot 106 1.1L?

    want a little more power in my little runner its a 1997 peugeot 106 XL independence got any ideas on what i can add and rough prices?
  9. Does anyone know if a 1998 honda civic ex 4 door sold in Canada has vtech? ?

    I know the american ex sedan had it, but from what i can tell the Canadian ex is different. For example it doesn't come standard with a sunroof. Thanks for the help
  10. Do you reflect on the good times or think toward the future ?

    I do both. But some people say never look back because it's in the past. Is it because they have no good memories ?
  11. I want to hike on a treadmill with my hiking pack. How do I fill it with weight?

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays I hike on the treadmill (I live in the city so I usually run outside but hike on the treadmill because the city is so artificially flat). By hike I mean I set the treadmill...
  12. Sell it on Ebay or eat it LOL (joke)

    Sell it on Ebay or eat it LOL (joke)
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    projector showing weird lines?

    so i have a projector that has weird purple lines simlar to a finger prints. but there straight. they only show up on lighter immages. i wish i had a picture of it to show but i currently dont have...
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    Is internet free on an Iphone.?

    .If it isn't how much does it cost......
    What is Wi-fi,and how could it make the internet free on the Iphone.
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    You might be able to get some Wi-Fi in Kabul, but...

    You might be able to get some Wi-Fi in Kabul, but otherwise your best bet would be an ATT plug-in wireless internet. Yes, ATT works in Afghanistan. Don't expect to go to Starbucks or anything with...
  16. My mother has psorisis on her thumbs and skin keeps cracking open.?

    She has been told to cover them with cling film and wear gloves however they split open and are very sore. Any one with any suggestions on creams or how to clear this up would be very welcome.
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    Alot of money.

    Alot of money.
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    Hillary Duff.

    Hillary Duff.
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