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  1. If he tries to make a joke out of every serious...

    If he tries to make a joke out of every serious topic, then yes it would be a problem to be with a guy like that.
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    How to completely uninstall DivX from Mac?

    I've had DivX on my Mac for quite a while now, I can't remember exactly how long but I once thought I needed it. However, when an 'updates available' notification from it popped up on my screen when...
  3. What is a litecoin? (looking for a description in layman's terms)?

    I only just heard about litecoins and bitcoins today. I understand they are a digital currency, but i dont understand how people use them and what does it mean when people say they "mine" them?
  4. my boyfriend and i have made our relationship too intense... how do we fix it?

    we were best friends before moving into the couples label, and the "i'm in love with you"s came really quickly. it was perfect for several months but now we're just in too deep, and we've agreed...
  5. Why are some religions more closed to outsiders then others?

    Mormons, the Jewish religion, and various others follow some sort of creed, either written or not, which tells them that no everyone is welcome to just join their faith or attended their services. I...
  6. eh...i got virus scanner. maplestory. or...

    eh...i got virus scanner. maplestory. or runescape..
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    need help with what movie this is.?

    What is the name of that movie where a guy who was still a student is killed and he becomes a ghost and contacts his girlfriend to help bring his murderer to justice. It was released on dvd not to...
  8. OPEN! What are some differences between the U.S and Palestine?

    for example

    -the food
    -the people
    -the education
    -the children
    -the technology
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    How do you like your Iphone?

    i was thinking about getting one, and ladies is it easy to text if you have nails??
  10. Updating iTunes to work with my iPhone- but won't update?

    I've downloaded the pop-up, but nothing happens. I have an old version (iTunes 4). How do I get it to the 8 version for my new iPhone?
  11. Transferring music from iTunes to my iPhone?

    I've never even owned an ipod before...I'm completely new at this.

    I have my music from itunes (from way back), & I plug in my usb cable.....But nothing happens. I don't get it

    People say sync...
  12. What are the piercings that "Celebrity" had on the Tool Academy?

    It was during the Fidelity challenge where Celebrity showed the makeup artist some sort of piercings. It looked like a row of rings either on or above his pelvic bone, but the camera cut away before...
  13. is the nokia 3610 fold a good phone ? or should i get the razr ?

    those r the only phones i am interested in i need to know which to get!
  14. What hand held game console will come out?

    after the Nintendo DSi???
  15. You need to talk to your district manager or...

    You need to talk to your district manager or human resources. Describing pay alone can get people fired from their job.
  16. How long should you jump rope for to lose weight?

    I read that jumping rope is a good cardio activity, but they say that you should do it for about 30 minutes. Does that mean nonstop? Because I don't think I could do it that long nonstop. But I...
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    i crashed on a dirt bike, swollen leg..?

    i crashed and now the calf of my leg is swollen and it hurts really bad.
    i have ice on it
    is there anything else i can do?
  18. how do you make the letters bigger on diamond touch htc ?

    On my cell phone my txt mesg. get small really small an i don't like that so how can i make them bigger? please help thanks
  19. what else would have pink hair?

    what else would have pink hair?
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    256 unless ur tlkin about news and stuff... unless ur tlkin about news and stuff then go to help and go to ur left where it says downloeads to web
    ect. on there
  21. I don't make something up, but I don't give them...

    I don't make something up, but I don't give them the answer either. I may give them a hint or clue. It bothers me when people ask homework questions, but it also bothers me that people think they...
  22. Yes. If you have a camera phone, take pics too...

    Yes. If you have a camera phone, take pics too for proof.

    I would want someone to tell me if they saw that.

    I don't believe in people saying "Oh, just shame him right then and there so she...
  23. Girl: 400m - 69.7 200m - 32? (don't remember...

    400m - 69.7
    200m - 32? (don't remember for sure)

    These times were for my first year running track (or any running sport) [sophomore year; 14 at the time]
    I didn't run Junior year due to...
  24. Internet connection through Sony Ericsson W580i?

    I have a Sony Ericsson W580i. It's supposed to give you high speed internet when connected through the phone. My brother, who lives next door and has dial up, plugged his W580i into his computer and...
  25. Keep the puppy. She obviously wants to get rid...

    Keep the puppy. She obviously wants to get rid of them and doesn't care about them. Instead of informing the owner she is a jerk, make a call to the SPCA and suggest they go undercover and pretend...
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