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    Tinker Bell DS Question?

    Ok Where the heck can I find a tulip? I Have given EVERY SEED to Owen and none of them are tulips? :-(
  2. Brat pit, Anjalina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston :)

    Brat pit, Anjalina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston :)
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    workout is just perfect.. though eating lays and...

    workout is just perfect.. though eating lays and cheese curls with soda is not very healthy eating
  4. I had a dream that I was watching fish in an aquarium. There were healthy fish and... that was dying.? The healthy fish were swimming around and then the dying fish opened its mouth and captured one. The dying fish was slighty red and translucent and you could see the healthy...
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    Which, if any, celebrity do I resemble?

    I get a few different things. I get Kim Kardashian and Neve Campbell, and I get Hayden Panatierre (not including their hair color, skin, or eyes).
    And the reason I want to know is because my friends...
  6. can toothpaste/mouthwash contribute to enamel erosion and decay?

    I've been to my dentist a ridiculous amount of times in the past 2 year, having over 13 cavities filled and always been told the same thing, that I am not brushing enough.

    But I brush my teeth,...
  7. It sounds very similar to me, because I have...

    It sounds very similar to me, because I have problems dating and sexuality. I don't think you have to become gay to be happy, because guys can be just as difficult and confusing as girls.

    I think...
  8. make a public anoucement.........

    make a public anoucement.........
  9. it comes with ur mobile phone bills and no it...

    it comes with ur mobile phone bills and no it doesnt show the websites you av been on.u pay montly and it also have a mobile phone number of its own
  10. Who is my cousin's celeb look a like? do you think shes pretty?
  11. is it free to browse ringtones, games, etc on at&t phones?

    i heard that they charge. if they do; do you know why? i dont get why they would charge you if youre just browsing, plus the reason someone would be browsing is to buy stuff. it just doesnt make...
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    ringtones for iphone?

    hey i have just bought an iphone and much to my shock horror you cannot save or personalise a ringtone!! So you buy the music off itunes, download it onto your phone and then you are unable to save...
  13. new iphone... how do i get the songs i have purchased through itunes?


    i Have downloaded itunes onto my computer and purchased a song, i now want to put it onto my iphone, but i don't know how. There is no option for it anywhere.

    Please can someone help,...
  14. Why did air pressure come out of my 92 Buick Regal's gas tank?

    My car started riding rough yesterday, the pick up was bad. I don't know why but I checked the gas cap just to make sure it was on properly and a whole bunch of air came out. Can anyone explain this....
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    you type in the security password. and to unlock...

    you type in the security password. and to unlock it, it means to be able to get into your cell
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    Popularity of names in the future?

    Do you think names and the popular names today are going to change? Like everyone is doing the whole cool, "almost make up your own name" thing these days. Do you think people will continue doing...
  17. Are there any methods, exercises, or natural ways to get rid of my breasts?

    My breasts have seriously been in my way throughout my whole life. Though they are not big, they have been in my way when doing many excercises at school or while I do my favorite daily hobbies. I'm...
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    Christian. Do you really need that one explained?

    Christian. Do you really need that one explained?
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    Christian. Do you really need that one explained?

    Christian. Do you really need that one explained?
  20. HELP! I am so happy and positive I can't stop smiling. What can I do?

    It's like I want to be happy and stay happy all the time and can't stop being happy. Even if someone tells me bad news, I have a habit of smiling and thinking it's not the end of the world and it is...
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    High pitched speakers!?

    My computer's audio is super-messed up! It sounds like chipmunks! I'm not sure what is wrong, and I'm not sure how to fix it!

    We have
    windows XP home
    ( like 2006 or something )
  22. Why is religion and spirituality full of atheists?

    Isn't there a better category for you folks?
  23. My yahoo voice is working and I can call landlines and mobiles but they can hear me

    and I can't hear them? What could the problem be? Is there anyone who can help me?
  24. If you're about to go hiking or something outdoors where there might not be

    restrooms,...? will you use the bathroom before you leave or just figure you'll pee in the woods? I was really shocked by answers to someone else's similar question so I'm trying again in hopes of...
  25. Black spot disease on red blood parrot fish chiclids.?

    I have 5 red blood parrot fish. They seems very active, healthy and keeps on swimming 24 hours. I have kept them in 6 foot long, 1.5 foot wide and 2 foot height aquarium. Two of them have very little...
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