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  1. did you know the usa is in bible prophecy?

    i believe in the bible 100%

    here are bible verses

    Revelation 13:11–18
  2. Would using IMITATION Cocaine as for a practical joke be illegal in anyway (UK)?

    So would for instance crushing up paracetamol tablets to make IMITATION cocaine be illegal in the UK, I'm not trying to sell it or anything I just want to play a joke on my friend, because I just red...
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    Have you seen the new MITB dvd?

    Im really surprised nobody has mentioned that CHRIS BENIOT is in it!!!

    This is the first dvd hes been in since he passed.

    Hopefully he'll be in more!!
  4. Can you give me ideas for brand new characters?

    I'm making a sci-fi fantasy novel. I've created my characters but I need new characters who is a hero or a villain. So please. Give me some ideas.

    Add characters some dialogue, descriptions,...
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    yes i have a i-touch and its exactly the same as...

    yes i have a i-touch and its exactly the same as the i-phone except for the calling and txt part.
    you can get the same games too.
  7. I don't get it, how am I suppose to demonstrate...

    I don't get it, how am I suppose to demonstrate when you can't see me?
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    motor swap on acura integra?

    would a honda acorrd 4 door motor fit in a 1990 acura integra 4 door
  9. I need help picking out a Home Theater Projector!?

    I want to spend around $600 on a nice projector. What should I know about them? What specs should I be looking for b/c obviously I want the best quality I can get? What's a good brand? ...
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    Stereo or Deluxe Electric Mistress?

    I was wanting to know what the difference is in the Stereo and the Deluxe Electric Mistress flanger pedals from Electro Harmonix, and which one is better. Thanks
  11. Need help with past Newspaper articles over the Internet?

    Alright so I'm doing a data management project and I was supposed to get two articles every week over the past two months... thing is I missed a few weeks due to school and work. I was wondering if...
  12. how do i increase vo2 max and aerobic running ability alongside a sprinting program?

    my vo2 max has dropped from 53.5 and need to improve it i need a fairly light program that is effective that can raise my aerobic capacity
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    can i put 17 inch rims on a cavalier?

    will 17 inch rims fit on 2002 cavalier 4 door
  14. where can i repair the ps3 AV multi outlet?

    i tried buying a new AV cable but it still didn't show anything. know any local place that will fix it or maybe fry's elect. might have the part?
  15. Where can I buy the Sony Ericsson W705 unlocked?

    I want to use it in the U.S. and i don't know where i can buy it from?
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    My Ipod won't let me put songs on it.?

    I got an Ipod Nano for Christmas. I have 20 songs in my music library on itunes. How am I supposed to get the songs to my ipod, nothing is working, there is no drag and drop feature.

    Also the ipod...
  17. Do I need a hard drive for the xbox 360 to download content to play xbox games?

  18. how do I download content for the xbox 360 arcade console so i can play xbox games?

    i have a xbox 360 and i am getting a hard drive 20 gb how can i download content so I can play xbox games?
  19. Mine is 100.0 Mbps.

    Mine is 100.0 Mbps.
  20. USB Bluetooth Adapter can send files to my phone but won't allow me to receive...

    ...them on my computer.? I have an IOGear USB Bluetooth Adapter for my computer which I use and have used to send and receive ringtones, pictures, etc. to and from my phone which is an LG Vu. My...
  21. Is it compliment if they say that I look like some celebrity called Cristiano...

    ...Ronaldo? I don't know who he is, and I haven't had time to google him or something but when I have time I will. I'm 17 by the way, but many people say I look alot like that guy? Is it a compliment...
  22. What is the average cost to replace the engine on a 1998 Nissan Altima? ?

    We took it to the dealership and quote was $1600 for the engine (75k) + $1200 labor + $500 parts = $3300. Is this fair, should we shop around, or consider trading in? The Altima with bad engine has...
  23. What is average cost to repair or replace the engine on a 1998 Nissan Altima?

    Repair shop says there is low compression (25 psi) on the engine and they can replace it for $3200. Please advise!
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    honda civic i can buy?

    does anybody know where i can get a 90-93 civic. I really dont care if it has a motor or not and i would like it to be in eaither in elizabethton TN.or jhonson city TN.
  25. 3rd party Application for Samsung behold?

    Like a Stock Quote etc.
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