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    crypto currency to flat currency.?

    So lets say you actually do make a fortune on crypto currency? I mean enough to get the IRS and your bank involved. What is the best way to get all of your whatever coin back into a flat currency and...
  2. Can anyone give me info on being a crypto logic linguist?

    Primarily for the Marines. Do you ever see combat in it? My recruiter says I can earn my AA degree from the school in it. Also I get a $7,000 enlistment bonus in it. What happens if I fail out of the...
  3. Is it possible to find humor in teenage girls from a Grandma's point of view?

    "They don't talk anymore" why do they seem so distant when we used to be so close? Why does it make me so sad? I was once their world. Do they know how it hurts me?
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    Should I talk to her about it?

    I'm in college and my girlfriend is amazing. We get along perfectly, we never fight, the sex is great, we're both happy. BUT she has a rough past. She was never a whore, but she always, before dating...
  5. Can one remove the piece on the vent end of a front fire blank pistol too...

    ...clse to end of barrel spoils look? The Zoraki pistols are made the best, in my opinion. Some of the Ekol products however are starting to place the end of the vent rod too close to the barrel end....
  6. Are coat vents supposed to be stitched together at the bottom?

    I recently got the 11th Doctor's purple coat from It's a sort of Edwardian/Victorian frock coat. There's a long vent down the back. At the very bottom it was stitched together. I just...
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    Can I cap off a heating vent?

    We're installing a new ceiling in the basement. We're converting it from a drop tile ceiling to dry wall.

    There is however this obnoxiously large vent we have to work around which pours a tiny...
  8. Yes, it's okay. The question is, how effective is...

    Yes, it's okay. The question is, how effective is it? Dust can stick really badly to fans and other parts.
    I'd check on youtube for somebody else opening the same model of laptop. It's usually not...
  9. can i move my operating system to a new hard drive?

    im buying a new faster hard drive and i want to know if i can transfer the operating system to the new hard drive from the old one and save some money.
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    Hookup buddy vs me. Who wins?

    I am a 39 yr old male who has been dating a 33 yr old female off and on for about 2 years. Our relationship became rocky at the beginning when we had an argument and didnt speak for a week....
  11. wifi network and Bluetooth network at the same time?

    im trying to run the both together my pc has no issues connecting to both but i get no internet the Bluetooth one has my internet connection and the other is one i have that i have in place to let my...
  12. My Ctrl+Alt+Del is not working! How can I access to Task Manager?

    Some applications are not Responding and I want them to end. Please Help!
  13. After installing a used hard drive in another PC, I ran into BIOS issue where I

    needed CD to run recovery.? Since I don't have an installation CD (hard drive was running on Windows Vista) it seems like my only option besides spending more money is running linux for free. I plan...
  14. Blu-ray has more space on the disc which allows...

    Blu-ray has more space on the disc which allows for a high definition movie to be stored on them!
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    Blackberry Bold 9900 question?

    I want to put my blackberry on ebay and claim it's 8gb, as weren't they all released with 8gb? It's just, according to windows media player, the phone has a maximum capacity of 6gb? I don't...
  16. Low space notification I moved the files to SD card now lost ringtones and

    notifications? So I had an low space message on my android phone so I followed some online advice and used the ASTRO file management application and moved all my photos and music. Now my phone won't...
  17. is the any game like pokemon vega in full english?

    i was trying to play pokemon vega but i couldnt understand half of it.
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    13 year old bodybuilding healthy ?

    Hey okay well the story starts 2 years ago. I was.. fat a**. Like then I wanted to loes it all and look like one of the people un mr universe. So I started working out allotttttt then I got bonnny...
  19. DUI/Sentenced/FTA (1 yr after sentence)/Bench Warrent/Bail/court in a...

    ...month/ WHAT WILL BE THE OUTCOME?!? DUI in Los Angeles.. sentenced, didn't sign up for program.. yearly court date check up.. FTA.. Bench Warrent.. On Bail.. Court in a Month.. first offense and no...
  20. Optimal Settings on my PS3 for a Philips 47" 1080p 120hz HDTV?

    recently got a Philips 47" 1080p 120hz HDTV from sams club and wanted to know the optimal settings on my ps3 so bluray movies can look better im running it through a hdmi cable but just want to know...
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    I can't sleep. can you help me?

    Okay I was at my girlfriends house and when i was there my back started to hurt and I got a headache and i couldn't stop coughing, Ive tried to lay down but i cant get to sleep. Can you people help...
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    Are Samsung Instincts durable?

    I have a skin (rubber case) for it but I don't like it because its hard to get in/out of my pocket with it on. I have a zagg on brand screen protector. I don't care if the back gets scratched. But I...
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    Is getting a PS3/Xbox360 worth it?

    Ok, I have a Wii, PS2, PSP, DS, and some older systems... but the Wii games are getting plain boring and I think im too old to be playing a cooking game...

    The PS2 is great, but im wondering if...
  24. while this question might have made sense when...

    while this question might have made sense when you asked it, it's totally pointless. adam and eve is just a story put in the bible to explain away how we came to be, a parable if you will.
  25. Mmmm depends. We are all here so apparently we...

    Mmmm depends.
    We are all here so apparently we seek discussion.
    It's the unsolicited discussion of religion that pisses me off.
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