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  1. Help me I had a blood test for a job and my alt (sgpt) liver enzym was 84 and

    he wont pass me on my physical? I dont have health insurance or very much money my AST (sgot) was normal! If its my liver why would one enzyme be normal and the other not? He is scheduling me for a...
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    Iphone apps. best one. please help?

    i was going to get a iphone tomorrow and i was wondering what the main apps are and what i should get. and what is that one called where you can put your iphone near the radio and it would find the...
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    You may want to check out a dentist even though...

    You may want to check out a dentist even though you do not have too much money. Later on, an infection can spread throughout your mouth and thats when you have to pay large dental bills.
  4. me and my friend were originally getting a pocket bike but now he wants a...

    ...turtle how can i convince? him to get a pocket bike please help!!!
  5. would the voltage of a stun gun travel through metal?

    i am wondering that if i put a stun gun up against metal would it travel through the metal causing the metal to carry the current?? and if i hooked a fuse to the metal would it blow the fuse??
  6. What was the impact of european colonialsism on middle eastern society,

    politics and military? I know it is tough but maybe you can answer it.
  7. hi im just wondering.My mate is buying me a pocket bike of ebay and im paying him?

    is there anyway they can deliver to my house instead of his
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    Half-life2 Dm server music?

    I'm trying to host a server. Is it possible to play music(custom) through a source dedicated server. If there is a way to play music through the server can u tell me how and post a link or something....
  9. What's the advantage of syncing your music in iTunes?

    Is it better to sync the music or just manually do it? What's the advantage of syncing it over just dragging and dropping it in there?
  10. hi im getting a pocket bike yes a pocket bike.And no im not getting a real... i want a pocket bike.? Its a 49cc
    now i want to know whats a good:
    spark plug
    shock absorber ps can you link me to a site for all of this
    carburetor and it...
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    a cloudy eye means he is blind

    a cloudy eye means he is blind
  12. i have a 49cc pocket bike how can i make it faster and look good such as

    engine paint and like neons ? im willing to spend quite a bit
    pease dont say its not worth it
    because i dont care i have the money
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    is this bike any good?|65%3A1|39%3A...
  14. how can i make my dirt bike faster its a 125cc but has a silencer so...

    ...takes a bit of power out of it so what ? is the cheapest way to make it faster
  15. Trouble starting Honda VLX600D in the cold...?

    When it gets down below 35 or so, it becomes extremely hard to start my bike. I only get 3-4 good tries for it to turn over with the choke on before the battery starts clicking and I have to set it...
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    You need to throw in back workouts in your...

    You need to throw in back workouts in your routine as well. Most people group chest and triceps together because most of your chest exercises use your triceps as well. On your schedule your not...
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    BMW 318i SE heater too hot!?

    My 1999 318i SE heater pumps out (very) hot air even when you select cold temperatures. Any ideas?
    (I have put more detail into another question, but foolishly put it all in the title block, Doh)
  18. how can you play spore without internet at all Im writing on a wii?

    seriously no "yeah you can" a step by step or email
    thats how im writing this i payed 50.00 also i mean no internet autherisation code i had this game for 3 months or more
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    BMW E46 318i SE 1999 with ?

    The auto green light is permanently and hot air comes out even if 16 degrees is selected. I've just got the car but I do know the radio unit was changed, could that have upset a cable? Please help if...
  20. I have a prediction about escape the fate. anyone agree with me?

    i think that, like 3OH!3, ETF will be big after warped tour 09. then everyone's going to be all like omg i love ETF. then its going to be gay for all the original fans of them. like me =[. am i the...
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    The royal tenenbaums Divx Download?!?!?

    Anyone know where i can Find a Divx download of The Royal Tenenbaums? Not that I'm going to illegally download it or anything, just curious.
  22. How many players can you create on Madden 09 on the ps2?

    i want to create my high school team
  23. how is the correct way of picking up my Guinea pig please provide...

    ...specific and detailed answers my guinea pig? is only 6 weeks old so his only little.
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    what should i do abour torrents?

    ok so about four years ago i was caught using limewire and was emailed by optimum saying that they were going to sue me which never happended. my friends have been telling me to use torrents but im...
  25. I'm trying to find a church group around Newpot News, VA called 1st Fruit...

    ...of Praise. Can't find on internet. ? I'm trying to find a phone number or address for a church group called 1st Fruit of Praise. A group of them were staying at the same hotel that my family & I...
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