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  1. How do you make this +?+(?_?)+?+ with keyboard using ALT?

    I can make:
    + = ALT + 218
    + = ALT + 191
    ( = SHIFT + 9
    ) = SHIFT + 0
    _ = SHIFT + =
    but upside down U and triangles will not show up. ALSO '?' keys do not work! Prefer using 'Alt' key or...
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    Is DivX Webplayer safe?

    I wanna watch this movie that requires DivX Webplayer. This site automatically downloads the plugin for me:

    I cancelled the download because I was...
  3. SLR manual camera shutter stop working while im taking pictures? HELP!?

    Ok Im just taking pics and i line up my gray card did the adjustments and pressed the shutter....nothing, maybe I didnt advance the film, did it. Click the shutter...nothing? the Film advance just...
  4. How to get and stay skinny fast and easy (and healthy)?

    I'm 12 years old and... I'm not fat, but i am not skinny. And I REALLLY want to get skinny again. I am active, well kinda, all i drink is water. I never eat snack foods. I eat healthy foods. I dont...
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    where can i get ringtones?

    i have a tracfone motrola w176g. I am wondering where i can get ringtones for free for it. if you could post links that would be great.

    *i really like scary/creepy ones. i like the one...
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    don't get a fish it will just die when you put it...

    don't get a fish it will just die when you put it in the tank fish suck and they don't do anything they are just there
  7. Try gamestop. sometimes you'll be lucky if you do...

    Try gamestop. sometimes you'll be lucky if you do that. at the mall is mostly where you can find gamestop
  8. Hair cuts/styles for my fiance on our wedding day?

    My fiance is 22, but he's pretty much going to be bald by 30. He is losing a lot of hair, but it's hard to tell unless you're looking for it. If you lifted up all his hair, it looks like this...
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    Names for future family?

    Last night as I was watching the Titanic this name popped inot my heade, and then I pictured a twin for this name, and before I knew it, I had an entire family planned out!

    Do you like my names?
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    no sorry but i do have a level 13 girl...

    no sorry but i do have a level 13 girl permanently quick chat enabled available
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    Why am I gaining this weight?

    I'm 16 (done developing), 5'4, and I've gone from 107 lbs to 111.5 lbs in only two weeks or less. I know, it might seem like I'm complaining over nothing, but I haven't been above 109 since last...
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    Does any one know whata what?

    If Michael Castro is still on american idol???

    Hes HOTT =}
  13. how long can the symptoms last after taking plan b?

    I had to take plan b about a week ago and i am still feeling nauseous from it..i took it to be safe and i still have about 2 weeks until my period is due so it is too soon to take a test...i just...
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    Verizon Texting Question?

    I have a Verizon phone, and my mom pays for the bill. Is there any way she can pay extra money to see what my texts are saying? I understand that on the bill it only shows time/date along with the...
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    Durabrand Home theater system?

    We just bought a durabrand SA-SP9 Home theater system and it works with our dvd player and our computer but we cant figure out how to hook it up to our comcast box. Does anyone know how to hook this...
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    95' Pontiac Firebird won't start?

    I turned the key once for the electrical components and it worked for a split second then it went dead. Then I tried to jump start it and nothing happened, no clicking or anything.. just dead. Then,...
  17. "Red Carpet/Hollywood" Themed Dance Dress Help, Please?

    Alright so i want to buy the dress for my 8th grade dance and its like a huge thing, the theme is Hollywood/Red Carpet.
    Ive already started looking a little and i found ones i like, the only problem...
  18. Anyone know how to download your own music as a ringtone on an LG Rumor?

    I tried it a bunch of times and nothing is working! :[
    I'm starting to hate this phone.
  19. yes it does!!! bc u kinow yor feeding your body...

    yes it does!!! bc u kinow yor feeding your body the right way :)
    and that feels great!!!!
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    know anything about JEEPS?!?

    i love jeeps and would love to own one!!
    does anyone know basic info about them?
    like if they are good on gas?
    about how much does it cost to fill it?
    if you can fit a lot in them?
    ect. ect. ...
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    How do I work a Bluetooth H350?

    I'm clueless. Please give me every step.
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    Best way to get over nerves?..?

    Going for my license test tomorrow, again, after a year and a half. I' failed the first two times.. and I need to get it now because I'm going off to college.

    I can drive perfectly fine with my...
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    what's this hair style called?

    what's it called when you use your hair almost as a hair tie and wrap it around your pony tail. can someone give me step by step directions or send me a link of the page that has step by step...
  24. I bought a snap on white env2 case, will it work?

    Do you think that it will help protect it at all ?
  25. Bono does, I know he does. I heard Chuck Norris...

    Bono does, I know he does. I heard Chuck Norris has one under "Abby Normal", but I don't know.
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