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  1. Why does this happen whilst falling asleep?

    I'm just about to go bed after surviving an all nighter the previous night, so I'm really tired. My neck also really hurts, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it has any relevance. I lie down, begin to get comfy...
  2. No physical object can be perfectly rigid. As...

    No physical object can be perfectly rigid. As such, as you move the near end, the pole will bend and no part will ever exceed the speed of light. (That's if it doesn't break.) Indeed, the far end...
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    Galaxy s4 vs lg G2 choice?

    Hello, I currently have a galaxy s4 which is EXTREMELY LAGGY and is irritating me a lot and was wondering if the lg optimus g2 is better. (I.e. it doesnt lag.)

    Which mobile do you think lags the...
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    Your favourite Game/Sci-Fi characters?

    I've been getting into drawing characters that I like and are excessively detailed and I was wondering what some of your favourite characters, I know DOTA 2 has some interesting charters but I don't...
  5. Does anyone know how Final Fantasy XIV deals with the transition from PS3 to PS4?

    Square have said that character data will saved to the server so when it is released on PS4 next year, you can keep your characters. Does this also mean overall saved data? Like quest progressions,...
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    Norton Internet Security 2005?

    I installed Norton Internet Security 2005 on my computer, and every time I restart my computer Norton Internet Security pops up and says install and says insert CD and when I insert a Cd nothing...
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    Can I have help with my iPhone question?

    Okay. If I buy an iPhone from Amazon, can I put the sim card from my current AT&T phone and use it?
  8. Is there a site that shows the cheapest Blu-Ray prices?

    My family loves movies, and now that we have a Blu-Ray player for our HDTV we want to watch everything in high def. Blu-Ray prices are so expensive at Wal Mart and Best Buy, but I see good deals...
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    Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan?

    Do you think that he should be equipped with a gun or not? It looks really dangerous and so maybe he should have a gun.
  10. none, religion is man written out dated science....

    none, religion is man written out dated science. science is observation and experiments.. something like that ?
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    That's an awesome idea! May God bless you and...

    That's an awesome idea! May God bless you and your marriage.

    May I suggest you go to your Church and ask the pastor if he knows any missionaries in need of helping hands. My church keeps in touch...
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    Motorola K1M warranty & Pk2 Commander?

    Hey, I just got my first cell, the K1M from telus, and I have a question about the warranty and using Pk2 commander. If I do the trick with Pk2 commander to put on Ring tones will this ruin my...
  13. HTC Fuze slow? I was playing with it at the At&t store and it seemed slow. ?

    I currently have a blackberry bold and it is pretty quick, but since it is like my 6th or 7th blackberry I kinda want a change so I like this phone. It just seemed like a slow device is it?
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    Map Updates For Evesham N20-UK Sat-Nav ?????

    ok evesham have gone bust so i cant get maps from there, is there ANYWHERE at all that i can buy them from, maybe a torrent, im looking for the europe map,

    Thanks in advance
  15. Why can't my bluetooth headset connect with my ps3?

    My bluetooth headset is a Motorola HS820
    Link to picture:http:
    And my ps3 is the 80gb model
    Link to...
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    EF company --- Study holidays!!!?

    Hi everybody... maybe this summer I'll come there in the UK, I think in London in a family with EF company (I don't know if you know it!!)... Someone of you (in London) give hospitality with this...
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    DivX Trojan? Please help?

    Today when I started my laptop, up McAfee Virus Scan came up with a screen which said (I've Left out computer names and dates as they are irrelevant):
    Name:DivX EKG
    Source: (Blank)
    Detected as:...
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    AS Film Studies - Coursework Ideas?

    Hi all,

    I'm just wondering if anyone can give me a few tips with my film studies coursework. I have to do a descriptive analysis of a 5 minute clip from any film on my choice on 2 or more aspects...
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    AS Film Studies - Coursework Ideas?

    Hi all,

    I'm just wondering if anyone can give me a few tips with my film studies coursework. I have to do a descriptive analysis of a 5 minute clip from any film on my choice on 2 or more aspects...
  20. Problems with my new Nokia 5310/orange messenger?

    I got a new Nokia 5310 xpress music for christmas, and i am having one or two problems, any help will be greatly appreciated. The main problem is that i partially wanted it for the use of orange...
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    Is downloading on a boat dangerous?

    Would people (as in the captain or technician) find out and come into your cabin and report you to the police etc.? I'm talking boats like the Stena line, ferries.
    I mean using their internet...
  22. Nokia Theatre Seating Chart Question!!!!!!!!!!?

    for the nokia theatre in grand prairie, texas which seats are better in person
    the PIT
    or the LOWER LEVEL

    yes i know the pit is closer but which has a better view
    im planning on goin to the...
  23. David Beckham!! mmm, what a beast. i would spread...

    David Beckham!! mmm, what a beast. i would spread chocolate syrup all over his sexy body then i would lick it off. and well the rest i doubt i can say on Y!A
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    Can i put a 12AU7 in place of a 12AX7?

    I have a fender super champ xd and want to replace the stock 12AX7 for a 12AU7, will it cause any problems?
  25. Laptops Constantly Over Heating?? !!!(HELP NEEDED)!!!?

    okay, been having alot of trouble lately with my notebook where its always just shutting it self off the save it self from over heating to much, but its doing it to much! i have downloaded a program...
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