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    Trying to get out of alt school?

    So, about a month a go we made a trip to regionals for cross country. In that trip we made some weed cookies and we were fine until someone snitch on us. Being our dumb-self's we were honest to the...
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    are there any famous people with Downsyndrom?

    help plx
  3. Zoom in to the nearest port you know on the map....

    Zoom in to the nearest port you know on the map. I'm sure you'll find a boat.
  4. DVD, I can hear background music, but not the actuall words!?!?!?!?

    I was trying to watch this DVD, but none of our TVs would play the "words" sound, we could hear the background and see but not hear the words, even the subtitles worked!!!

    I don't really care...
  5. just be happy. its menta be pleasureful not...

    just be happy. its menta be pleasureful not stressful. :)
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    I agree with Jenny is def a scam. The price it's...

    I agree with Jenny is def a scam. The price it's too long for such a large period of time. Try BlockBuster
  7. did samsung come out with a series 3 1080p 15,000:1 contrast ratio?

    i went to Samsung site and the don't have it but i saw some in the market series 3 that are 1080p already with a 15,000:1 contrast
  8. Can some one Compare and contrast the surface features of the four...

    ...Galilean Satellites, discussing their geolo? Can some one Compare and contrast the surface features of the four Galilean Satellites, discussing their geologic activity and their evolution. Thank...
  9. Where can I find a KST820 thermostat in the UK / Europe?

    My oil heater thermostat is broken, and I need a replacement. I can only find suppliers from China who will only supply a minimum of 500 units. I only need one... :-(

    Any ideas welcome.

  10. Can i just put my sim card into a iphone 3G?

    my brother plans on buying one for his new contract and giving it to me, but i wanted to know if i can just drop my sim card in it because i just recently renewed my contract and i am under 3G
  11. Are refurbished bose in ear head phones just as good as new ones?

    i found some for $40 online and i am considering them
  12. Why are Muslims Complaining about the War on Israel?

    You guys fire hundreds of rockets in the past few years and break a treaty of cease fire, Of course Israel is going to eventually retaliate.
    This is how dumb it sounds, its like i see u face to...
  13. does it? i dnt think it does but it sure does...

    does it? i dnt think it does but it sure does ROCK!!
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    how do i stop coughing?

    Hi i have a really bad cough at the moment and i cant stop coughing. my mum gets really angry when im coughing, is there a quick way just to stop coughing temporarily? please help this cough is...
  15. no idea.

    no idea.
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    you look like yourself. dont worry about...

    you look like yourself. dont worry about celebrities u look gorgeous xD
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    how do u get back your free texts on o2?

    i was on o2 before and everytime i topped up i got some free texts about a hundred i think for a while before it began to charge me. then i joined the favourite place tarrif and each time i topped up...
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    My Internet connection is slow?

    so i just fixed my internet connection a while back. All i had to do was restart my DSL modem, and then activate the modem through my pc by accessing the IP address through Internet explorer.
  19. my macbook pro won't connect to my wireless internet. ?

    I have a macbook pro (aluminum, 15-inch) and it won't connect to my wireless router. I have netgear, and whenever i do a diagnostics run on my macbook pro, it says that i need to restart my netgear. ...
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    365.24=days per year, not year what does x...

    365.24=days per year, not year

    what does x equal?

    explain better please and I will gladly help.
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    cats are not social animals. they are territorial...

    cats are not social animals. they are territorial animals so when you're house is burning with you sleeping, there is a 90% possibility your cat will just get out of the house without warning you....
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    verizon blitzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

    If I buy a prepaid Verizon Blitz at Walmart, can I bring it to Verizon and activate it as my regular phone on my plan? I cannot upgrade right now, but I want that phone. It is $99 at Walmart.
  23. Anybody know where to get a hi-res version of this HP Order of the Phoenix poster?

    I've been searching all over for a hi-res version of the movie poster featured on the back of the DVD cover, but I can't find one...
  24. if i have mp4 videos how do i burn a dvd of the music videos i have in that format?

    i have a bunch of music videos i wanna burn on dvds to watch in the car but idk how to burn mp4 format videos to a dvd can anyone help???????
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    85 buick lesabre, oil pressure switch?

    where exaclty is the oil pressure switch on a '85 buick lesabre, 307 4 barrel, from my understanding its under the intake manifold and on the driver side cylinder
    where exaclty is the oil pressure...
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